Monday, January 23, 2012


My sentiments exactly, Rosie dog! Sunday mornings are meant to relax, take naps and drink coffee. Wish I could sit right here next to you all day!

Off to the birthdays we went and it was so great to see ALL of our grandchildren. Gan loved his guitar card that expanded and played "Happy Birthday"!

Ellie and Abbey are good buddies and had fun catching up.

Lucy and Caroline (Lucy calls her Kline) had their own little table and were quite the big shots.

Lucy and Ashley having a "moment" with no nap!

Ellie, Jack and Abbey have a lot of fun together. Jack is always the jokester!

Caroline and Sydney couldn't wait to get to the ice cream cake!

Gannon and Peyton are the youngest and the oldest of our grandchildren.
Yup, there's nothing better in the whole world than being a grandma. I think sometimes destiny takes you to the best places.
Happy Birthday to Sydney, Caroline, Ellie and Gannon! I love you all so much!
Now today it's on to creating for the shop. I've got so many ideas swirling through my head and I can't wait to get started! I've also talked to our Funky Tennessee Artist and she's down there putting things together especially for Holly Hills Primitives. Coming soon!!!
Until next time...


  1. Dawn you are very blessed to have eight grandchildren. Having Oliver this year, well I have found out what a blessing they are. So nice you had the chance to get together with them, they all are adorable. Can't wait to see what you are creating for your shop. Take care, Vicky

  2. Cute, cute pics! Looks like a very happy day there!!You are truly blessed!
    Jan-Life on Buttermilk Hill

  3. Dawn ~~ I tried to post yesterday,
    but was having problems.
    Happy Birthday to all the Grands Celebrating !! God Bless what a bunch of Adorable Grands, so nice they are all close.
    Glad you made it there and back safe.
    Blessings & Hugs ~ Connie xox

  4. Cute Grands ~looks like a blast~ Happy Birthday to all~

  5. Grands are the best! We only have three and I know how rowdy and loud it can get. It must have been loud, but tons of fun. Looks like a fun time was had by all. Blessings ~Sara

  6. What beautiful pictures, Dawn! You are so right, there's nothing better than our precious grandchildren. Happy Birthday!

  7. Finally, for many of your recent posts Dawn I have been unable to comment. With the magic of blogger, it is now working once again. Happy birthday to all the grandchildren. What wonderful primitive items you have coming into the shop, I love the shelf with the crane. Sending blessings from Maine.