Monday, August 27, 2012


Happy Monday morning! Sure do wish this could just be a jammy day, but there's WAY too much to do for the next two weeks! I'd like to thank everyone that helped make our open house a success and to the great blogging friends that came to visit.
It was such a nice surprise that Bobbi (The Evening Stitcher) and Dave popped in. They are such nice people and needed a break between planning weddings. I'd love to have them out to dinner one night and be able to just sit and visit! Can you believe they had two weddings nine weeks apart???!!! Whew! Yup, we'll have to plan an evening when all of the hustle and bustle lets us.
Do you remember the post Bobbi did about the self tanning lotion for the first wedding? It was a riot!
Gary Musgrave was gracious enough to bless us with music all afternoon. The crowds loved it and you will be seeing a lot more of him soon - like next Saturday.
I love how he plays barefoot!
Nicole (from Morgan's Boutique) came down to model one of her new frog hats! They have a whole new line of great hats - and lots more.
Merchants having fun with Gary! Janet from the Holly Spirit Shop, Nicole from Morgan's Boutique and Dick doing a little dancing in the street.
This was my first chance to get down to the new Sunday Farmer's Market in town.
What beautiful produce! I stocked up for the week and can't wait until next time.
I sampled some things last night and it was all fabulous! Our village needed the market.
It was a special day for our Abbey - her 10th birthday! Her and Papa are like two peas in a pod. I'm so bummed that I didn't get a picture of Earlene and Norm. They came over on their motorcycle at the end of the day, but they'll be back next Saturday for a dinner date! Can't wait.
After we closed, we headed over to daughter Ashley's (and Tony's) house for a birthday party for Abbey. Abbey will always be our "first best girl", and there will only be one Abbey ever. We had the most delicious cake and ice cream and spent some time with my heart of hearts. Son Chad and Kim were there, my mom and others too.
Abbey spent some time riding her beautiful bike that Uncle Chad and Aunt Kim got for her a year ago.
Then Lucy decided she wanted to learn to ride a bike too! This was Abbey's first bike from Uncle Chad and Aunt Kim.
Had to show you the color of our little Lucy's red hair! She is so much fun, following in her sister's footsteps. Had to wear her Cinderella dress over her Buzz Lightyear t-shirt! Thank you Ashley and Tony for a nice afternoon. Now it's Monday and time to start the creating process all over again. Three more shows in September and a store to keep full. Whew!!! When did you say we had to start on Christmas????? Until next time...


  1. Hey glad your Open House was a success and I had a blast with your friend!! AWESOME hand made items. Can't wait to get it out in the shop!!! Enjoyed our short talk!! Take care

  2. Sound like a great time was had by all!! Happy Birthday to Abbey!!