Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Hi Prim Friends, things have been so crazy around here and we've been working so hard to get new things for our fall open house (August 25-26) that there just hasn't been much time to blog. We did the Victorian Art Fair in West Branch last weekend with our friends from Wren In The Willow and it was quite the adventure! It POURED rain all day Friday for our set up, we had to haul everything down a big hill, but we finally got things in order and headed back to the Little House for hot showers and good food.
Can you tell it was wet and cold??? Looking pretty soggy.
Dick is ready to rock and roll!
We had a great assortment for the prim lovers.
Brought quite a bit of Halloween.
Stitcheries were a big hit.
Love the dry sink and blanket crane shelf that Dick built.
More Halloween!
Our friends Bob and Peggy from Wren In The Willow.
The grounds were beautiful. This covered bridge was spectacular.
The river ran behind our booth.
There were over 250 booths at the show everywhere you looked!
And in every direction. Now it's back to work, both at the shop and building, sewing, stitching and more. Going to make a quick trip to Columbus markets this week and then return to transform the shop for our fall open house on August 25 and 26. Hope you can join us! Until next time...


  1. Looks like a great time. Your booth looks wonderful.
    Have a great time in Columbus. See you in three weeks :)

  2. WOW!! I loved your booth. A prim lover's paradise. Sorry it rained. That has happened to us so many times, but usually we do great as folks come in to get shelter and then buy something. A beautiful place for a craft show. Can't wait to see the shop all adorned in fall. Have a good week

  3. Wow that is a lot of vendors!
    You had a great spot near that stream...so pretty.
    Hope to see you two soon.

  4. What a pretty setting for the show!! Your booth looks great!! Sorry to hear it rained.
    Have fun at the market in Columbus.

  5. What a great show you did and love your booth......so prim!
    Have fun,

  6. Wow..what an awesome booth. Would love to have been able to browse and shop. Sorry it rained! Looks like a beautiful place!