Sunday, August 5, 2012


Good Sunday morning my friends! Another crazy, busy week has just passed us by and August snuck right in there too. Holly Hills Primitives is closed today and we are working like crazy to get everything ready to do the Victorian Art Fair in West Branch, Michigan next weekend. The shop will be open on Saturday for the Downtown Holly Sidewalk Sales and our friend Bonnie is graciously working for us. Thank you Bonnie!
Last night was the Sights, Sounds and Tastes of Holly and we had such a great time. There was a tent set up for youth art at our end of the street.
Two HUGE tents were set up for the food vendors. Several local eateries had special goodies, you bought tickets and turned them in to sample the booth of your choice.
Now this is supposed to be art. Am I missing something???
A group of actors from the Renaissance Festival came into town to hand out discount tickets for their upcoming event.
AND THEN we saw these girls walking down the sidewalk. What the heck? We couldn't help but ask them what they were dressed up for. Guess they just get together once in awhile and dress in Japanese style. Really??? It was fun to see anyway. So today we're home, trying to get some things done, and working under pressure to finish up things for the upcoming shows. Hope you all have a peaceful Sunday! Until next time...


  1. Am I missing something? Japanese style?? Really? They look more like Bette Davis in her role as "Baby Jane." If you remember that movie you as old as me!! Thanks for the pics ... very interesting town of Holly!

  2. Have fun in West Branch next weekend.
    Are you heading to your cottage afterwards?
    Nice and cool tonight and feels great.

  3. Your town sounds like a great place to live! I don't get the Japanese style thing either....nope, don't get that.