Wednesday, April 17, 2013


What a wonderful day this has been! Our rug hooking group went on a field trip to visit Lynne Kossarek at Never Enough Wool in Romeo, MI. OH MY! Her wool was just beautiful, and SO WAS HER HOUSE! She was gracious enough to let me take pictures to share with all of you. If you'd like to take a class or buy wool, get in touch with Lynn at When we walked in she had the most beautiful wools spread out on tables for us in three different rooms. It was heaven. Her home was decorated period correct and just gorgeous! Our group had such a great time and we all came away with some beautiful wool and patterns. I saved the kitchen until last, I could have lived in there! When we left Lynne's, we dropped Sally off at her house and I'll save that for another post. Her house is TO DIE FOR! After I got home from the shop, I took Dickens for a walk in the back yard. I'm always so thankful to get up every morning and see the wildlife that lives on our little canal. But the biggest gift of all was that Dick had a body scan today and he is still cancer free! We'll talk again soon. Until next time...


  1. Way to go Dick, someone must be taking very good care of him :-).

  2. glad for Dick! Love the house pics. I coould live in that kitchen too! Romeo is a little closer to me..will have to check it out! Thanks for sharing Dawn. Janice

  3. I would call this a wonderful day all around.
    ((Hugs Dick))) Great news!

  4. God bless Dick, that is wonderful news!
    Our grandson had his 6 month check up and is cancer free as well!!!

    You were down in my neck of the woods, I had no idea there was a wool shop so close. Thank you for sharing.


  5. What a great day and great news for Dick!

  6. Morning Dawn, yay!!!how great for Dick, wonderful news.....great time you had, love those old molds....Blessings Francine.

  7. Dawn that home is gorgeous!!!! What way to live!!lol
    The best part of your post was the line. So happy he is cancer free. Cancer is a dirty word and my prayer is a cure is found. SOON