Thursday, April 11, 2013


Oh my goodness, seems like one thing has happened after another! First and foremost, I lost the charger to my camera, so I finally have another one. Sure isn't much fun to blog if you can't show pictures! We went up north to our Little House last weekend and found a broken water pipe, last night we came home and the sump pump had stopped so we had water everywhere, and today I went to the dentist to find I have to have two teeth pulled next week. Oh well, just happy to be alive! This weekend we are having an April Showers sale on Friday and Saturday (April 12 and 13). EVERYTHING in the shop will be 20% off the regular price. Get your umbrellas out and come see us for some savings. While you're in the shop, why not sign up for our Rugpunch Class on May 8th with Teresa Kogut? The finished project will be the Americana sheep. Give me a call or come in for details. Well prim pals, my tooth is killing me and I have a date with a pillow and blankie! We'll talk again very soon. Until next time...


  1. love the rug!!!! good luck at the dentist. denise

  2. Oh my, poor you.....Wish I could grab a umbrella and shop, hoping one day.....Good luck at the dentist, Francine.

  3. When it rains it pours ! Ugh! I am having a tooth issue and its looking like a new crown..have a fractured tooth...I feel your pain!!!! OH my I just love that sheep rug punch....would love to take a class!

  4. Bless you! On a brighter note the shop looks wonderful. HOpe it is a success and these aggravations go away. Enjoy the weekend. I have a house showing nest weekend(people live out of state) and we are to have lots of April showers. Ughhh

  5. Wow, too much happening all at once...hope it's all taken care of now.
    Nice looking displays Dawn and as always so sad I don't live closer to take advantage of all the fun things that goes on at your shop...sounds like a fun place to go.

  6. oh my goodness really did have quite a week.....we had a new washer and dryer being delieverd this week and the girl from sears broke our had water on floor and into the I know how that is....sure hope your line upnorth was shut off...I wanted to give you the link to my blog so you could put it on your site and then I will add yours to my fav's on my is the correct link...
    hope to see you soon....linda