Thursday, May 23, 2013


Hi friends! I just have to brag a little about our wonderful customers and friends in our area. We finished up the clothing drive and I couldn't believe how many donations we received! We got really worried that it wouldn't all fit in our Jeep, so Suski Used Cars in Holly donated a Cadillac Escalade to haul everything to Ohio in! It just keeps showing me how much people really do care. Thank goodness we got this vehicle. We kept hauling and hauling bags of clothing out and filed it right up! So tomorrow morning I'll be heading to Ohio to meet Marie Faren, transfer the bags to her truck and then she will head to Seville Antiques to transfer it all to the big awaiting trailer headed for Oklahoma. It's been a cold, rainy day here in Michigan, but my heart is warmed by the generosity of the people from our great country. We even had a stack of Bibles donated along with many cards and notes for the victims. Be sure to give your family and loved ones a big hug tonight and count our many blessings. Until next time...


  1. Hi Dawn,my computer is giving me problems.....that is so great, love how humans help one another in times such as this tragic time, God Bless Francine.

  2. A great effort Dawn. I am so proud to have you as my friend.
    Have a safe trip to Ohio.

  3. That is wonderful !!
    Safe trip to Ohio xo

  4. God will bless you all ten fold! What a wonderful thing your community is doing.
    Blessings and have a wonderful trip and a safe Memorial weekend.

  5. Kudos to both you and the Car place. My heart grieves for those folks. We are raising $$ Sunday at church.