Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Okay Prim Pals, I told you I was going to have two big surprises for you and tonight will be the reveal of the first one. Be sure to mark your calendars for September 7th, 2013 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Holly Hills Primitives is hosting the first annual Harvest At The Mill show at the old Holly mill at 105 Civic Drive in Holly, MI. We have vendors coming from at least 9 states (so far), Mercantile Gatherings magazine, Barbara Rice from Olden Days magazine, mountain music, horse and carriage rides, and all made in Michigan foods by Great Lakes Marketplace. The tents will be surrounding the old mill and will be filled with some of the finest early goods and needfuls ever found at a Michigan show. You won't believe your eyes! As the list grows, we will either start a separate blog or picture trail with all of the details. Three area hotels are giving us 25% off their regular rates for those of you that will be traveling. Our Village Council just gave us a unanimous vote tonight to go ahead with all of our plans. I'm so excited that I can hardly stand it! Is there any better time of year for a show filled with early antiques, handmades, needfuls, cornstalks, mums and more? I LOVE fall and I'm sure you'll find anything you could dream of at this show. Be watching for more details as the weeks roll on. Please come join us for a day filled with old and new friends! The second surprise will be coming within the next few days. Yesterday was also a great day. My friend Peggy (Wren In The Willow) and I headed for Fort Wayne, Indiana to the market. Picked up a few things for the shop, signed up more vendors for the show, went down to H2A and then stopped to visit my friend Joann at The Old Granary in Quincy, Michigan on the way home. I just couldn't be that close and not stop to visit for a few minutes. If you're in the area of Quincy, Michigan, you've just got to stop in at The Old Granary. The shop is filled with wonderful primitive goods and Joann is such a sweetie. Peggy and I had a ball talking and laughing the day away. Now I'm ready to head back to the shop tomorrow to put out some new goodies and have more fun with our rug hooking group. This old shopkeeper is tired tonight, so I guess it's time to head to bed. Have a great day tomorrow and keep watching for surprise no. 2! Until next time...


  1. Seems like every time I come to your site I am in envy of all the fun that is happening with you and your shop...such a booming community.
    Good luck with the show Dawn.

  2. How wonderful Dawn, such a perfect time of year for such a show and what a great location to host it. Congratulations!!!

  3. Great news Dawn. I am coming for sure.