Monday, July 5, 2010


HAPPY FORTH OF JULY - ONLY A DAY LATE! We have been up north at our "Little House" and very busy! Got lots of projects done, despite the HOT temps.
Yesterday morning we got up early and stained the deck while we could still be in the shade. I was surprised at how fast we got it done, and what an improvement!
I love to take my morning coffee and a good magazine out here, it's one of my favorite times of the day. My friend Connie and I used to set out here and do a lot of crafting back in the day - I miss you Connie!
I moved my old bike over to the flower garden on the side of the house, and it just brightens up this little spot!
We got a new picket fence up, but the painting is going to have to wait until we get back up there in a couple weeks.
This little building was originally a little cottage in the 40's and someday I want to turn it back into a guest house. (Right now we use it for lawn storage.) I can't wait to get going on it, but we have to build a garage first.
So for now, we bought this 1976 pop-up camper for our new "guest" house! It was for sale just down the road for only $300!!! It will be great when our kids and grandkids come up to visit. I'm going to get new curtains and bedding ready to take with me next time. I might even get some of those funky camper lights to hang from the awning when we put it up!

Did a little tweeking inside too. I got this great doll from "Wren In The Willow" in Goodrich, Michigan and just love her! I also took an old stitchery up to hang from our old house.
My dad built this fireplace for me quite a few years ago. Next time I want to paint it, but for now I hung my whisk broom collection across the front.
Some of the old crows went with me this time too. They used to be on a shelf over our French doors in my old kitchen. Couldn't let these four go!
This old tin baker's cabinet makes the perfect spice cabinet in the kitchen!
It was SOOOO hot up there (and we don't have a/c at the cottage). We decided to go for a little tour so we could get cooled off in the car. We had to meet Abbey in West Branch (she had spent the weekend with her other grandparents). I'll NEVER come home from a holiday weekend again, unless it's the next day. What would normally take us 2 hours ended up taking us 5 1/2! Although we did stop for a quick meal. We found a little roadside park to get out and stretch and Abbey loved the old pump. I could have stuck my head right under the water! Oh well, we got to see lots of new scenery this time. The expressway was a parking lot, so we took all the back roads back home.
All in all, it was a fun weekend and I can't wait to get back up there! Hope you all had a safe and happy holiday.
Until next time...


  1. Hi Dawn... Welcome bacl to Holly! Yep we were up north as well, and it took 4 hours to get home, normally 2. We have decided we won't do Labor Day up there..... just not worth the drive home! It was beastly hot, wasn't it? Looks like you've been enjoying your place. Looks great, and what a find in that '76 pop up. How cool is that!?! I plan on stopping in to see you soon, if this heat ever stops. I have a few things I am looking for. Stay cool! Carol

  2. Awesome ~ love everything you've done. It is perfect, it was hot this weekend wasn't it? I'm not complaining though.

  3. Love love that camper. So cute. I have been wanting ne and when I find the right's coming home with me.

    Wish I could be there for your summer fest street shopping thing coming up. That would be fun to be close to that. If my husband ever has a class to teach in MI. I am coming with him and looking you all up.

    See you some day...

  4. Good mornin Dawn. Everything looks so wonderful..LOVE your "guest cottage" should give it a great name! fun!

    The deck looks wonderful and so inviting.

    Have a wonderful day my friend.
    Hugs, Doreen

  5. hi!!!! just found your blog..and added it to my eyecandy! i'm in wisconsin...(milwaukee) so just a hop skip from you...great blog!!! be back soon!!!

  6. Dawn, an answer to you question. My local fair is tomorrow night and it host a huge western show. I am taking the speed event horse Ricky. My little Bug has been down for the last two weeks with a weird injury. She was scraped by barbed wire across her chest about 4 inches and for some reason the infection went down into her chest muscles and she has a huge swollen chest. She has already been seen by 2 different vets and they both said the same thiing. It wasn't all that uncommon and the swelling was quite common for horses and they called it Edema or something like that. She is on stall rest and 22 antibiotic pills each day. She HATES shots and my husband is gone so much I ask for the pills instead. She is still really spooky form living her whole life up until now in a barn and she is about to rattle my own nerves with her jumpiness. A old horsemen recommend for us to turn her out on the big grassy pasture for a year to toughen her up and give her another year to settle, bring her back in as a 4 year old and start her over. I am not sure at thsi point what to do with her, I am afraid she is going to get me hurt. Everything she see's outside of the barn, she is frightenede of it. They did her such a disgrace. She is a good horse though, she has a world class lope and trot on her. she clips perfect, trims, fly spray from the biggest can can't scare her and you can throw a blanket higher than the rafters and let it land on her and she isn't afraid....just don't take her out of the She still needs alot of work yet so no shows yet. Those pretty shorts are sitting there and I am trying to decide which one to where tomorrow night. It will have to be a plain one.....bummer.
    I'll let you know how we did.

  7. Dawn- just love your cabin "away from it all". It looks so homey and fun. Know you can't wait to go back. Wishing you cooler days.