Monday, July 26, 2010


Hi Prim Pals! Seems like it's been an eternity since I've been near a computer - even though it's only been 8 days. I've spent the last few hours catching up on everyone else's posts. This is a long one, but I've got lots to share.
We spent the last week up at our cottage (The Little House) for some much needed R&R. Dick and I did some exploring, spent time on the boat, putzed around the cottage and just had fun. We had some bad news while we were there, my cousin's wife passed away and we came home during the middle of the week to go to the funeral home. So very sad, only 62 years old. That darn cancer is a horrible thing. Also, my dear friend Connie lost her mom to the battle of Alzheimer's. I can't wait until I see her in a few weeks, we need some "girlfriend" time!
On Friday evening, daughter Amanda and her family came up for the weekend to try out the "new" camper. Gannon wasn't with them on this trip, but the little ones had a ball - and I think the big ones did too. We got some heavy rain and the camper held up just as snug as a bug. The above picture was taken just before they loaded up to go home.
Grandpa and Grandma hated to see them go!
There is a beautiful fountain in East Tawas near the pier of Lake Huron.
We had to walk out on the pier and see the big boats docked there.
Poor little Caroline slept through her ice cream!
Harley (the neighbor dog) always has to come over for a visit and this time he got to meet Jack and Ellie.
I found a couple old "sit and spins" at a garage sale and they were a hit.
Dick and I took a boat trip up the Au Sable River on Wednesday and it was just beautiful! The old boat held up great and we had a ball.
This was the old cook shack at the bottom of Lumberman's Monument.
There are high banks along the river where people swim and climb.
It took us most of the day and it was well worth the trip. All in all, we had a great time and can't wait to go back to our cozy little house.
Last Saturday, I had the good fortune to meet two blog gals. Janet (left) from Old Crow Primitives and Haley, both from London, Ontario. They were so much fun and it was so great to have a chance to meet them. Janet is a horse judge and I'd love to have more time to talk horses! It was a "blog friend" day. Janet and Haley had just met that morning! We visited and they stayed for a little dessert at Zanie Janie's coffee shop. I can't wait until they come back again!
On the Friday evening before, we had "An Evening In The Country" shop hop with Wren In The Willow. It was SOOOO much fun! We had lots of specials in the shop, food that lasted two days, great times with old and new customers, and I think everyone would agree. Tomorrow I'm meeting with Peggy from Wren In The Willow to plan our next outing - so stay tuned.
Daughter Ashley was beat! She made most of the food and baked our wonderful cake. Abbey came down to help out and Sharon was there to work too.
Our cakes were adorable. The one on the left is Wren In The Willow and the one on the right is Holly Hills Primitives and Zanie Janie's. There were four different flavors of cakes. It had a wire going from one shop to the other with a crow in the middle - AS THE CROW FLIES!
Abbey is showing off Baker Barb's cheesecake bite samples - they didn't last long.
Janie had taste tests for all of her delicious coffee.
Our food table was a hit!
We set up a tent outside for everyone to gather under while they munched their summer yummies. One group stayed for about 1 1/2 hours!
The shoppers were busy picking out their favorite goodie to take with them.
Sharon was busy checking out customers.
Janie was pretty "pooped" after a busy night... husband Steve helped with the clean-up.
I think our next outing might have something to do with witches!
Glad to be home and I'm ready to start sewing, sewing, sewing.
Until next time...


  1. I am so glad your Evening In The Country was a hit...have you fully recovered? I am still tired after the show this past weekend. Good luck with your planning for your next venture. Get some rest. (millstonemercantile)

  2. Loved looking at this post! There's just nothing like summer in Michigan!
    Hey, Dawn... if you want any of my patterns, just let me know! I have about a million of

  3. What a blessing to have the little house to escape to from time to time, especially at this point in your lives! The scenery looks so peaceful to me.

    Sounds like lots of fun happenings at the shop. I would have stayed that long as well!!

    Take care!!