Tuesday, November 2, 2010


WOO HOO! We got the sleigh, but now how do we get it in??? Dick and Don ended up having to take the runners off to get it in the door, but it is now in place and I love it!
I have worked on the shop for two days and hope to finish up today before the doors open tomorrow. I am so lucky to have had such good elves help me! Dick has helped drag trees and garlands out of the basement, pick up and put the sleigh in place, drag stuff back down to the basement, run to buy more lights... Don't know what I'd do without his help. Sharon has been at the shop for two days and has worked so hard. Then yesterday Faye came to help too. What would I do without good friends? I hope to get pictures when it's finished up later today.
Then there's my son-in-law! Have you ever seen such a big cookie monster??? He dressed up to hand out candy while Ashley went out the the little ones. Gotta love it!
Well friends, going to vote and then back to the shop to finish up!
Until next time...


  1. What a job that must have been to get inside! It's wonderful that you are so pleased with it.

    Your S-I-L must have a great sense of humor. :)

    Stay warm!

  2. Oscar the Grouch Bebe!!! Geez...get it right!!! ;)