Saturday, October 30, 2010


Oh what fun we had this afternoon! One of my customers stopped in to show me her "Jolly Green Giant" costume that she had made. She works for a nursing home and wore it to work all day! I love it when my customers come show me special things!
THEN - at four this afternoon our downtown area has trick-or-treating for an hour and did we have the kids! I think over 400 came through in an hour and they were all adorable. Of course, all of our own grandchildren came (all seven) and they were the cutest of all! This has become a yearly tradition for our family. On Halloween night they all go out in their own neighborhoods, so this is the time they can all get together and have fun with their cousins!
The little ones all went to trick or treat together and are they cute or what!!!??? (Grandma's right to be prejudice!)

Then Mr. Soul Man (Gannon) came back and we got a picture with all of our sweethearts with Grandpa and I. (Me, Sydney, Gannon, Jack, Ellie, Caroline, Abbey, Lucy and Dick.)
Sydney and Lucy loved playing with the scented corn bowl fillers. (I can't tell you how much ended up on the floor.)
Me and my Lucy. She was quite taken with this whole event!
Lucy decided Uncle Rich was her new best friend!
Abbey was a huge help. She ended up sitting outside and passing out candy.
Sydney helped me quite a bit too. The kids were coming in as fast as we could give them candy.
Check out these dimples!

Ashley with her girls.
Rich, Val and Sydney all joined in the fun.
When it was over, Ellie wanted to come home and spend the night. We took her out to dinner and she couldn't wait to get here to try out the new air bed! Well, that's the third one to spend the night this week! There just isn't anything more special in the whole world than spending time with our family, we are truly blessed.
Tomorrow is going to be the start of a few very busy days! Dick is going to pick up our full-size sleigh for the shop with his friend. I'm not sure how they are going to get it through the door, they will probably have to take the runners off and reassemble it. I'm going to pack up the remainder of the Halloween (hooray), move the furniture around and get ready to put up trees and garlands. I will be closed Sunday through Tuesday to do a store makeover and I'm so excited! I've looked at fall and Halloween since August, it will be a great change.
SOOOO, if you're in the area, stop in later in the week and see the magic!
Until next time...


  1. How fun always! Happy halloween!

  2. Looks like you had a great day, Happy Halloween!

  3. Beautiful trick or treaters Dawn....blessed you are for sure!
    A SLEIGH....a REAL sleigh...I am so jealous!!! I put all the fall/Halloween away today (and I was open)...just kept apologizing for the "mess"! I am taking 3 full days to "redo"...that is what happens when you get OLD !!! Tomorrow is "clean the store day" ..and rearrange the furniture, put up the tree and hopefully start to decorate with our decorations...inside and out. Good luck with your open house...'tis the season to be jolly !!!

  4. Happy Halloween Dawn! How wonderful for you to be surrounded by your lovely family on this festive occasion. Good luck with the sleigh(hope you don't have to remove the door jamb) and am looking forward to seeing photos of the shops makeover for the Christmas Season.

  5. How cute, looking forward to your "Magic" you will do in the shop!!! Give us lots of pictures!! have a great day...millstonemercantile