Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Welcome back to the shop. We've finally got the new booth filled up, so now it's time for the shop to get filled up for spring. There's still a few Valentine's items left filling the sleigh.
Bunnies, chicks and carrots are coming in too. Can't wait for the rest to arrive!

We've been collecting lots of stools for you to add to your stool stack.

This old child's tool chest lid would be a great "art" piece on a wall, and the old Gold Dust box would be adorable in the laundry room.
Closer look at the tool chest lid.
Anybody up for prim pillows? One old crow and a smaller one with the word "crow" on it. The old rocker has a stitchery covering the seat - so prim.
This old grain painted dresser is wonderful. It has three big drawers and two smaller drawers on top. It would even be the greatest as a kitchen piece to store your pots and pans and utinsels in.
Our "baby" section is quite romantic. Old white clothes, quilts, baby pictures, shoes... Is there anything cuter?
More spring pillows - prim as can be!
This funky black "farmer's market" doll has a pocket filled with a chick and eggs. She has a key for a nose and corn cob arms.
The "Gatherings" doll is another cutie. Her legs are wrapped in old stained socks and she has a bag of "sticks".
Her nose is a needle and she has flax hair.
Big old Harriet bunny with her baby. She has "dirty" old socks and floppy ears.
Hope you can come in and see what's new at Holly Hills Primitives. Things are coming in like crazy right now - including furniture, handmades and new items. I'm getting so excited for March, time to go to the markets again.
Well prim pals, have a great night and I'll try to share a few more pictures tomorrow.
Until next time...


  1. Hi Dawn, how's it going up there in MI....still lots of snow here and very cold.
    Your shop items look wonderful as usual.
    Happy selling.

  2. Hi Dawn, Love it when you share pictures of your shop. We have no Prim.shops here so I love to visit you on the blog. Looks great. I too am ready to decorate for Spring.

  3. Hi Dawn!
    I love the tulip pillow! Sounds like you are one busy girl with the shop & a booth space! Hope you're havin' fun & selling lots!

  4. Hi Dawn!!! Shop looks GREAT!!! I am still!! Are you still cold up there? We are getting WARM (65) down this Monday...wooohooo summer. Keep up the wonderful work

  5. Ya... it's been cold here too. Like below zero... wind chills in the negative 20's some days. Luckily for my Valentine Open House it was in the high 20's one day and 30's another. Although the open house was still slow. Probably the slowest one I've ever had in the last several years. We've never done one this early. I'm usually closed after Christmas until the first part of March and sometimes I didn't open or do a show until May. I hope it's not a sign of the times!!! We just rented a work shop and took on more monthly bills!!! It is so nice to see an empty garage at home though!!! Hope it picks up for you! Let's hope it's just the frigid weather!
    Laurie :)

  6. The booth is coming along really nice. Can't wait to see what else you get. Always on the hunt. Vicky

  7. I really could spend alot of money in your booth, oh my goodness! Great things in there. Thanks for sharing and stop by sometime to see my lastest post