Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Snow that is! So far we have about 8-10" and it's coming down like crazy! I just shoveled off the patio and swept off my poor little VW. I feel so sorry for Dick, he can't get out there with his broken leg to snowblow, so we've got a plow coming soon.
The top of the grill is piled high! Guess I better clean it off in case we lose power - heaven forbid! Got the wood all hauled up to the woodbox so we can keep warm if it happens.

The old bike basket is dripping icicles. This is going to be a great day to stay home, try to finish up some sewing and maybe get more started. My pile is growing for the shop! It's kind of hard to get your head around bunnies with this kind of weather though!!!

Last night (before the storm started) we ventured over to daughter Amanda's house for our special Gannon's 13th birthday. Seems like yesterday that he popped into this world! I wasn't going to go, but he said he couldn't believe that I wouldn't come for his birthday. The roads were still dry when I left and two hours later it was horrible driving home. There isn't much I wouldn't do for my big guy though.

Happy Birthday sweet Gannon (and many more). We got him a sport watch, a Johnny Cash cd, and I hope to take him to TN this spring to visit friend Connie for the rest of his gift. He can't wait to take the VW and put the top down and do some "cruising" in the warm weather (me too). He has always had a special connection with Connie and he can't wait to see where she lives now and do some exploring in the south. Warm weather and good roads can't get here soon enough!
I hope the rest of you are keeping warm, still have your power, stay off the roads and just enjoy a cozy day at home.
Until next time...


  1. Happy Birthday Gannon!
    Yes, I guess we need to take advantage of our day at home and try and do something productive!

  2. Happy birthday to Gannon. He is sooo cute. Hope you don't loose power. Stay warm and stay safe.

  3. Hi Dawn!!!

    Well you got it too! I'm glad you were able to get someone to help with the clearing of it and not stress yourself.

    Oh look at Gannon how big he's getting...looks like he's tall!

    Stay warm Dawn!

  4. Happy birthday, sweet boy!
    Stay warm and inside.

  5. Hi Dawn...and Happy Birthday to Gannon. I wanta go on ya'll's road trip!!! That sounds fun...I miss cruisin in the Jeep already although it would be a little cool right now!! Be warm and safe!!