Thursday, February 17, 2011

Spring is finally in the air in Michigan! The temps have hit 50 two days in a row - what a blessing. Some little spring flowers are sprouting in the shop too, along with lots of new wares for your shopping pleasure. I LOVE this little buckboard. I picked it up at an antique shop and Sharon took it home to use her magic paint brush. It is just adorable.
The Christmas tree is turning into our spring tree. It is filled with forsythia and pussy willows and will be covered with vintage gardening tools.

Cute little bunnies are just looking for a new home.

Shutter pocket with a stitchery on the front is perfect for any front door. You can change out the contents for each season.
Old vintage flower basket filled with "Fresh Eggs".
Another one filled with handmade tulips.
These table squares are so much fun! Lots more will be coming soon.
Little footstool - the verse says it all.
This old black table was a Carol find. We painted it black and covered the top and the bottom shelf with stitcheries. Sometimes things are just worth saving!

Old make-do rocking chair with prim pillows.

Stenciled burlap pillows seem to fly out of the shop. This one is sitting on our "gossip" bench.

Have you ever seen a "pillow fluffer" before? Carol finds the best stuff! Someone thought it was for roasting hot dogs!
These old hoosier canisters are just great for anything you might want to put inside.
Yup, Carol again. These are for putting your bills on - do you have any you want to save???
This wee little chair is an oldy but a goodie. Perfect for a lamp or a doll.
I've got to say that these days are getting more and more fun!!! New goodies are coming every day and there's LOTS more on the way. Be sure to stop by and see what you can find!
Until next time...


  1. I am drooling over ALL your wonderful "wares"....Oh you sure have a lot of things there with my name on them, just waiting for me to come and buy them! LOVE everything...!

  2. Hopefully one day my shop will look like yours!!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! Have a FANTASTIC weekend.

  3. everything looks just wonderful!!!

  4. Got me excited to keep creating!!! Store is looking very springy - can't wait to see more!!

  5. Hi Dawn! The shop is definitely looking like spring...very inviting! The shutter pocket is a neat idea!! I always think forsythia says spring in such a cheerful way. We had a few days of 50 as well and it melted snow so now we only have 2 feet in the yard with 5 foot snowbanks. Then mother nature brought the cold back. Spring seems so far off right now.

    I hope all is well with you and the family! Warm hugs, Linda