Friday, February 11, 2011


Good Friday evening friends. It's late, but I wanted to get a few more pictures on of some great items that are arriving at the shop. Carol brought in the telephone stand and I painted it black and covered the seat with a stenciled burlap. Just love how it turned out! Wouldn't this be adorable with just the right accessories? I think I'm going to do a couple little burlap pillows to add to the back - unless it sells first!
I LOVE these candle jacks. You can adjust the height of the candles. I want to add battery candles as soon as my order arrives - they will look much more prim.

Oh yes, just what I had in mind!!! I sent this old thermos jug home with Sharon and she painted it and husband Jim made the handle stationary for a bird's perch. Isn't this the cutest birdhouse you've ever seen??? Can't wait to find more old thermos jugs now!
This make-do bunny is done on an old spindle and is holding a grubby egg. He's quite tall, has a ticking shirt and a burlap hat.
Just wanted to remind all of you that I will ship anything but furniture. Feel free to call the shop Wednesday thru Saturday for prices. (248/634-7040)
Dick and I went to babysit at Amanda's tonight for Gannon, Jack, Ellie and Caroline and I'm TIRED!! It's so much fun to spend time with all of them though and I wouldn't trade these times for the world.
If you're in the neighborhood tomorrow, Holly Hills Primitives is having a Valentine's Customer Appreciation Day with 20% off your entire purchase - except for jewelry. What a great way to save on some of these great new wares that are coming in. Hope to see you there!!
Until next time...


  1. Well, I guess I am going to have to drive to your Shop since you don't ship furniture because...I LOVE the telephone stand/seat! I love the thermos clever. I just LOVE everything! Have a wonderful fun~filled weekend.

  2. Great job on the phone bench! I wish I had a place for it! Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. Hi Dawn~ love the phone bench...and everything else. Just finished the Winter in the Valley show...wooohoooo!!! So glad to be home!!! I'll call you soon.