Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Okay Prim Pals, I promised some pictures, so here we go! We're not quite finished for the open house yet, but it sure looks better than it did two days ago. You know how it is, tweeking, tweeking and more tweeking. Ready for a two-bit tour? When you walk into the front door, you see a lot of handmades on our buggy seat and filling lots of other spots.

I love, love, love the make-do chair! We have LOTS of dipped lights, battery candles, rice lights and more.

This pumpkin bottle doll is one of my favorites too.

To the right we have a good variety of crow and sunflower goodies - including new tin crow molds.

Up on our step, yup more fall goodies and furniture.

Do we have the candles! Have you tried Black Crow candles yet? The packaging is prim perfect!

I'm also crazy about the new 1803 candles and melts - YUMMY! Can you see? We now carry Mercantile Gathering and A Primitive Place magazines.

Our Halloween tree was already a big hit today, the ornies are going fast!

There are so many great textiles to choose from. Need a shower curtain, rug or towel?

Keep walking. See the 12 original tin pie safe we got yesterday? It is stunning. Also lots of beautiful, handmade tin items.

This old gateleg table is awesome, so is the buffet behind it. You can't see them, but there is a wall of Billy Jacobs pictures.

Isn't the little witch's dress and hat adorable? We have all kinds of mousy goodies too, along with a good selection of pillows.

Come step into the log cabin section for the really primitive goodies. We have stove covers (noodle boards), table risers, more tin, and some great primitive furniture - like this old sawbuck table.

The fireplace area is loaded!

But this area is my favorite place in the shop!

Thanks for coming along on the tour, but I hope you all come by the for the open house on Saturday. There will be lots more goodies added before then!

Have a great day and we'll talk again soon.

Until next time...


  1. It is just beautiful! I would really love to come check it out, you did a wonderful job on tweeking and arranging! Your open house should be great and thanks for sharing.

    Bear Hugs & Blessings~Karen

  2. wow, everything looks primtastic. I love it all. Thanks for sharing

  3. Your shop looks wonderful!!! How I wish I lived closer and could shop there every week..... I'd go broke for sure!!
    Good luck with your Open House -- I'm sure it will be fantastic! Thanks for sharing the pics....

  4. Looks FANTASTIC Dawn....I am sure you have had a blast decorating!!!! Good luck with your Open House!!!! Wish I could be there.

  5. Dawn, You shop is so Prim Perfect. You have done an outstanding job filling it with wonderful goodes. So enjoyed the tour. Hey girl, you have made me late for lunch with my frineds. Gota get off here and rush to get there. Good luck with the open house. You will sell out!!!

  6. Ooooh Dawn Thank You for the Tour .... everything looks Wonnderful !! Love all the nooks you showed us ... but the cabin section got my heart beating faster. lol
    Good Luck hope you have a Great Week-End, and the shop is filled with buying happy customers !!
    Hugs ~ Connie xox

  7. Never did I ever want to come to Michigan until I found your blog and your wonderful store...don't be surprised if I just show up one day!!! Wish I could come for some of these great goodies...!!! XO, Judy

  8. Everything looks great! THe halloween tree is my favorite though!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  9. Ooohs and it all Dawn!! Your Open House will be great with these fantastic displays! Take care, Janice

  10. Thanks for the tour! It was fun! Your shop looks great!

  11. Hi Dawn, just loved touring your shop, wished I lived closer, I would be there. You have lots of interesting fall items, thanks for sharing your shop. Vicky

  12. So lucky !! In France we don't have this kind of shop. I like so much prims, I would all buy !!
    Have a good day, Mickaëla from France.

  13. Beautiful :-)