Friday, August 5, 2011


Happy Friday night prim pals! Whew, what a busy week this has been! I've been going crazy at the shop trying to get everything ready for our return from the markets in a couple weeks. There is so much to paint, move, and sew before I go - just hope I don't run out of time. I'm going to open up my work area in the back, we need more room and I'll just paint someplace else - like Carol's house!
What do you think of our new table??!! Wouldn't this be adorable on a screened in porch?

Here's a closer look at the top. Yup, screened in porch is exactly the right place!

I'm crazy about this little island (old workbench). Just the right size for a smaller kitchen.

This little black cupboard is a cutie too, it has one door and one drawer. Great "end table" size.

The shipment of 1803 Candles arrived and they are flying out the door! YUMMY!!! We got lots of the melters too and they come highly recommended. I've already had to place a second order along with the Christmas scents that will be out in November. I love the names, such as The Weathered Crow, Olde Dough Bowl, Vintage Harvest, Pumpkin Crumbcake...

New boxes are arriving weekly and I'm getting so excited to go fill the van (and maybe a trailer too) with prim goodies at the markets. Carol and I have our lists ready to go and what booths to hit first. We booked our hotel - might even take in a swim. Woo Hoo - ready to shop til we drop!

I had the best surprise today! A mother and daughter came into the shop and we got talking. Over 40 years ago, I worked at a women's dress shop called The Helen Shop when I was in high school. Come to find out, the "mother" was Helen Packer that I had worked for way back when. She now lives in Florida and was up visiting her family. She looks so great! Who would believe that she is 95 years old!!! Yup, that made my day and I hope to see her again when she comes back to Holly.

If you're in the Holly area tomorrow evening, come on out to the Sights, Sounds and Tastes of Holly. It starts at 5 p.m. and we are selling tickets in the shop.

Well my friends, time to get dinner ready and maybe do a little sewing tonight.

Until next time...


  1. Dawn, Love the table. Wish my little table in my sunroom was painted that pretty. I showed it in the post just after todays. Love all the furniture. I love those candles. Have had a few and have not been disappointed in any of them. Can't wait to see all your fall goodies. Take care.

  2. I love your shop! I wish I lived near it.

    And WOW! Did you ask her what her secret was? She looks awesome for 95.

    Happy weekend,

  3. Hi Dawn~ you have had a busy week and I LOVE THAT TABLE..Have a great weekend! Hope to talk soon

  4. Hi Dawn,
    Love the table!! Wish I had a sunroom to put it in. How fun to see Helen after all those years...I would of never guessed her to be 95...she looks great!! I'm thinking we might actually be heading up your way...maybe late August or September. I'll keep you posted. I have my prim angel doll that I purchased from you hanging on my quilt in the dining room. I just love her!!
    Have a great weekend.

  5. Looks like you have some great goodies in! I wish I was going to market with ya! Haven't been to any in a while... can't wait to see what you bring back! Have a safe trip!
    Laurie :)