Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Just wanted to pop in and remind everyone that the shop will be closed Wed, Aug 17 and Sun, Aug 21. Dick and my friend Bonnie are going to take turns taking care of Holly Hills Primitives Thurs-Sat while Carol and I head to the markets. We should have all the new merchandise out by August 24th (I hope), but we will be open. DON'T FORGET to mark your calendars for our Fall Open House on August 27th - I promise you won't be disappointed.
Can't wait to see everything that's new out there in "prim world" and try to bring back the best we can find. Carol and I have the best time together, but Connie will be sorely missed this year as these are the shows that we've met at for the past few years.
SO - keep watching and we'll talk again as soon as we return.
Until next time...

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