Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Blog Gathering Update...

Just wanted to let you know that Ann Frank (1803 Ohio Farm Baskets)has just signed on as a new vendor at our Harvest At The Mill show! Woo-Hoo - it just keeps getting better and better. Janet McClure (Old Crow Primitives) is also coming to meet everyone. Let's all keep passing the word and see how many friends we can actually put faces with the names! I am getting so excited to see all of you on September 7th!!! I'm having a lot of trouble with picture trail, but I do have 4 hotels that have given us discount rates. Just e-mail me at or call the shop at 248/634-7040 and I can fill you in. Until next time...


  1. You will have to be sure to take lots of pictures!!

  2. Yay!!!! will be a great time, Francine.

  3. This is wonderful news....I'm glad she's in....makes me even more sad that I am not doing this show.
    Makes me want to bite the bullet and hurt

    Are we still going to have a little get-together on Saturday evening with all the "friends" ? I hope so.