Sunday, August 1, 2010


Yup, this has been a very busy week! Friends Debbie and Bonnie each came in and helped move the heavy stuff and recreate the shop for fall. Seems that everyone gets a little bored with shopping this time of year and I finally thought, "What the heck?" I will be getting LOTS more items in, but at least this is a little sneak peek. Thank goodness for friends! I could never move some of this stuff by myself - especially that chicken nesting box!
Crows, sunflowers and scarecrows seem to still hold their popularity!
The little greenhouse will be home to lots more new crows this season.
My Gannon boy wanted to show you what season is just over the hill!
Love, love, love this new cupboard that I got yesterday. It is so prim and would look good so many places!
Lots of new dolls and stitcheries are arriving on a regular basis. Don't miss out on the "one-of-a-kinds"!
Buy now and have your special Halloween treasure when it gets here.
We also have BEAUTIFUL handcarved gourds by our very own Bonnie.
Can't wait to fill this old box with LOTS of pumpkins and bittersweet!
More to do inside the little "houses", but at least it's started.
I still have lots of "unfall" goodies for you to choose from too.
The little chalkboard/easel came in this week and the graphics are just adorable!
The log cabin area is filled to the brim with lots of prim goodies. Hope you can make it in to see the changes and have some fun!
Last evening we met Zanie Janie and her family at the dealership my husband works at. They had a wonderful car cruise, food, and a "drive-in" movie in the parking lots. We had such a good time listening to the old music and checking everything out. Grandson Gannon liked the LaFontaine racing car. We all had lots of laughs and shared an evening of friendship. Can't wait to have another "date" with wonderful friends.
Time to start cutting out more fall handmades and get sewing! Can't wait to see you soon!
Until next time...


  1. I am so looking forward to Fall.

    Thanks for sharing your pretties!

  2. The shop is looking great with Fall goodies!!


  3. I'd love to pop over but sadly I can't! :( It all looks very tempting Dawn.I have my Autmn decor up now.Couldn't wait any longer! Have a great week and let's hope you get lots of customers in.Wish one of them was me!

  4. Just found your blog and am an instant follower. Love, love your shop! Wish I lived closer so I could see it in person but maybe someday I'll make a road trip out there. I hope!

  5. Dawn,
    Love the look of the shop, isn't fall grand? You have so many cool pieces, love that old wooden box.
    Enjoy your Sunday and your sewing.

  6. The shop is lookin' good! Are customers ready for Fall in your neck of the woods? Since I am open Saturdays now, I'm not sure what to do about Fall merchandise. I usually don't have a change of season until the open house in early September... but, I have 5 more Saturdays. Might have to add just a little to keep 'em satisfied! I'll keep checkin' back for inspriation.
    oh... pretty cute grandson you've got there! We got to see ours, he's 2 1/2 this weekend. There's nothing better!

  7. Any chance you might take some close-up photos of the stitcheries? I'm always on the lookout for something new.

  8. Fall...woohoo! There is something about fall in a prim shop that makes my heart beat faster!! Yours looks great!!

  9. have tons of fall out....I will be starting this week...little by little...LOL!! Our store is much smaller and summer displays will have to disappear first!! I am SO ready for fall!