Friday, May 13, 2011


Whew! I thought I was going to go into withdrawal with Blogger down for a couple of days! I was so excited to see it working again when I closed the shop. This has been a pretty eventful week around town and I just had so much I wanted to share. Aren't our tulips so pretty out in front of the shop? I'm going to check with the Village to see if they will let me plant sunflowers out here. I can just see it for fall!

I've got SOOOOOO much new stuff in, the store is bulging at the seams. Isn't this wire plant rack adorable?

I got two of the coolest "oil" cans from Italy. I've never seen anything like them before and they would be perfect to plant flowers in.

Also, just the best are these leather hat box suitcases. My personal favorite is the black one - of course!

Speaking of Italy, I got the most unusual set of twin beds in that did come from Italy. They are metal and the headboards come to about my eyes. They can also hook together to make a king size bed. I've never seen anything like them - wish I had room!

The footboards come past my waist and curve at both ends. What an exquisite piece this would be in a big room. You'll have to come see what else is new. We closed our booth in Howell and hauled everything back to the shop on Tuesday - what a job - and now it's all in one spot!

Happy 70th Birthday Larry! One of Zanie Janie's "regulars" had a birthday yesterday and his dear wife, Louise, brought in lunch and a birthday cake. What a nice treat!

As you can see, the rest of the "gang" loved it too. But then...

today was the icing on the cake! Last summer I introduced my friend Barb (that owns Blackberry Bakery) to Dennis (that owns the ice cream shop) and guess what happened today? They got married right in the street on Battle Alley.

I can't begin to tell you how much fun it was! People stopped all over the streets to watch and smile.

AWWWW! Yup, they said their "I do's" and Barb snuck an early kiss before the minister was done. This is the real thing!

Mr. and Mrs. are walking back to the shop to sign the papers.

Dick and I were honored to witness their vows and it was all so festive. We popped the champagne right in front of the shop and Dick said a toast to our dear friends. Hope Barb and Dennis have a long, wonderful, magical life together - they both deserve it!

So that about wraps up the goings-on in our little town this week. Keep in mind that I am putting all furniture at 20% off the regular price for the weekend, so come on in for some savings. I've GOT to make room in the shop for lots more coming in, so I'm a dealin'! Hope to see you Saturday!

Have a great weekend my friends.

Until next time...


  1. Congrats to Barb and Dennis!! Oh how I would love to visit your shop and this neat shopping complex. I can see how you have loads of fun...
    Thanks for sharing, and love the Sun Flower idea, go for it.

  2. Dawn this is such a sweet story! Both look very happy and how special. The Blackberry Bakery has the best I have ever had. Next time I come to Holly I will stock up on her Cinnamon Rolls.
    I am glad Blogger is back too.
    Have a great weekend.

  3. Dawn, Hi...I have to ask..Do you live in MAYBERRY? :) Your town is SO COOL...all the happenings that you share with us reminds me of Mayberry RFD...! How neat to have a wedding like that! What a nice place to live.

  4. Dawn, I always love reading all about your family, your shop and your friendly little town.
    Now this sweet story tops them all!
    Now you can add "matchmaker" to your list of talents.

  5. Congratulations to the bride and groom! What an appropriate wedding location, what a great little town you live in. The shop looks great, you discover such wonderful and unusual finds! Hugs, from Maine, Julie.

  6. A True Love Story...hope they have many years together....where's the honeymoon? I see SHORTS!!!! Does that mean sun and warmth? Have a great week!!! Talk soon.