Wednesday, May 18, 2011


Good evening prim pals. Just had to pop in and show you one of my latest finds that I'M KEEPING FOR ME!!! Carol brought in this old, canvas bucket and I put it out in the shop for one day - then I couldn't stand it any longer and brought it home. I'm not quite sure where it will end up, but I just love it. Seems like all the good stuff stays at the shop, but once in awhile I just have to have a goodie or two.
I spent the day at the shop painting furniture, putting garden goodies together and stitching - it was a LONG day of rain, rain, rain. I'm starting to wonder if nice, spring weather is ever going to get to Michigan. The Wednesday car cruise was cancelled, so at least the day didn't last until 8 p.m.
Well friends, hope the sun is shining wherever you may be!
Until next time...


  1. Dawn, Love the old canvas bucket. So different. I would want to keep one of everything in your shop. How do you decide? I would be bringing home, changing out all the time! We're needing some of your rain. Mr. having to water our garden. Don't want storms but a few rainy days for us would be a blessing. Wishing for sunny days in your future. Have a great day.

  2. Love that bucket! I would love one for my front door! That is really neat. I enjoy your blog.

  3. Gosh Dawn, for all the time, effort and money you put into your beautiful shop YOU DESERVE TO HAVE/KEEP SOME OF THE GOODIES FOR YOURSELF...part of the perks!

    Love the bucket...


  4. Hi Dawn~ love, love love that bucket!!! So sorry to hear about your weather...but if it makes you feel any better ours is YUCKY also!!
    I am waiting for the 80's to come back...temps not the years!!!

  5. Love your bucket! You are very disciplined to only bring a few things home. I am afraid I wouldn't make any money if I had your shop! LOL!

  6. Too much rain here too Dawn...starting to "quack"....Center circle looks great...very inviting - and man....HOW DO YOU KEEP ALL THOSE WINDOWS SPARKLING????? XO

  7. Dawn, another day of gloomy weather here in Southern Maine too! Sun possibly by Sunday, keeping my finger's crossed. Love, Love, Love the canvas bucket!!!

  8. I love that canvas bucket. So many things you could do with it. Your post made me home sick for Michigan. I lived there for eight years when my kids were very little, a lot of great memories from that beautiful state. We are also, soak in wet in PA.