Monday, October 3, 2011


Good Monday morning prim pals! Just wanted to share some fun pictures with you today. Last Thursday, Gannon came to the shop and I had him try on a WWII navy uniform and it fit him perfect. Sorry the above picture is so blurry (and sideways), but he was just adorable!

Please send out lots of prayers, as Gannon went back to the hospital on Friday. Hope he's home soon and coming to help me at the shop.

Look who was our visitor on Friday! This guy is a Hyasynth McCaw (rare) and is 102 days old. Most of you don't know it, but I'm SOOO afraid of inside birds. I was so leary of going into Zanie Janie's with this guy in there.

Bill and Vickie are the owners and the bird thinks Bill is his mother!

Now, I just had to put this on for my friend Connie. She will NEVER believe that it's me petting a BIRD! He was so sweet (and even potty trained to go outside). I ALMOST held him, but I'm not quite there yet.

Our Joe had a ball.

Ashley brought Lucy, Abbey and Jessica down to see him, but Lucy only got brave enough to touch his tail feathers.

Oh yes Connie, that's me petting him again.

Even Ashley was brave enough for him to set on her arm. Thanks Bill and Vickie for sharing.

Saturday night Dick, Abbey and I went up to the Little House to put up some storm windows, fold down the kid's camper, and get the boat ready for storage. On the way home, we had to make our annual stop at this pumpkin patch.

Abbey and I four just the right ones for her house, our house and a little one to take home to Lucy so she could hold it.

Dick helped us find "just the right ones".

All loaded up and ready to head back to Holly.

I'd like to thank all of our wonderful customers that came into the shop on Saturday. The Holly Antique Show was in the street and it was SOOOO cold! Lots of people came in to get warm and we sold lots of goodies. It was fun to see our old friends and to meet lots of new ones.

This Wednesday evening is the last car cruise for the year and it's a biggie. The Halloween cruise! The people dress up, pass out candy and it is packed. We'll miss all of our summer friends.

Well, that's my weekend. Hope you had fun too!

Until next time...


  1. Hi Dawn, So glad to see that Gannon visited. Am keeping him in my prayers. I share your fear of birds. I will leave Walmart if I go in and one has gotten in the store and is flying around. You were a brave soul to get that close. Your grands are so cute. That pumpkin patch looks neat. Sounds like a fun weekend. Take care and have a great week.

  2. Honestly...If I ever relocate I am heading to your neck of the woods, why there is always so many things to see and do. What a good sport Gannon is, he looks very handsome in that uniform, who can resist a fella in a uniform! Blessings from rainy Maine, Julie.

  3. Loved the pics ! How wonderful that you were able to overcome your fear and pet that gorgeous bird.Gannon looks adorable in that uniform...will be adding him to my prayers.Have a blessed evening.Hugs,Jen