Saturday, October 15, 2011


As promised, prim pals, I'd like to share a wonderful home tour with you, courtesy of my friend Connie in Tennessee. Grab a cup of coffee and be prepared to see some beautiful eye candy. Rick and Connie built this home a few years ago, it was their retirement dream and, sadly, Connie lost Rick to cancer a couple of months ago. This is a very dear home to me, one that wraps it's arms around you as soon as you walk through the front door.

See that window at the top of the garage? That's where we spent hours and hours and hours just sewing and sewing and sewing! What fun we had though. She even let me park the bug in the garage!
I couldn't do this post without sharing Rick's favorite spot.

Come on in! It was hard to get a picture of the foyer, but I tried to get it looking out from the dining room.

The sights and smells are fabulous as soon as you walk in. There are always candles, tarts and little lights burning.

She leaves her wool trees out all year and they are so great.

This is a beautiful Hoosier in the entry to the great room. On top is an old sign (I didn't get a picture), but we both bought matching ones just before she moved to Tennessee.

Let's go peek at the dining room. It is filled with wonderful prim antiques and accessories everywhere!

I love the one-door pie safe against the wall and how about the trencher filled with old bowls?

The sunroom is just off the great room and would be the most comfy spot to curl up with the a good book or some stitching.

Come on into the living room. Where else could you feel so at ease? We both fell asleep on each end of the couch watching t.v.

The living room opens into the breakfast nook and kitchen.

What a view! From the second floor, you can look down into the living room. The ceiling are all wood and just spectacular!

Isn't the kitchen the heart of the home? It sure is here! We ate the best meals while I was there, some inside and some outside.

Love the island with the old tractor seat sitting on top of it.

Aren't the signs just the best?

The master bath is just like a spa.

Right down to the old vintage dress hanging in front of the shower.

Couldn't show you Connie's house without showing you the mustard pie safe that came all the way from Holly Hills Primitives!

One of my favorite room is the breakfast nook. It is so bright and sunny and PRIM!

This half bath off the foyer is adorable. The cutting board with the old soap dish is as cute as can be!

Those old crows are near and dear to my heart. We each bought them on some of explorations of years ago.

Is this a cozy guest room or what? Who wouldn't want to dream away the hours here? I forgot to take pictures of the other guest room and I deleted the master bedroom by mistake!

Even the laundry room is wonderful! Her mom's African violets thrive in this room.

We spent a lot of time on the deck - whe it wasn't raining. Wish I would have taken a picture when all of our doll parts were drying out there!

This old "chicken coop" was all dressed for fall.

Connie's gardens are just exquisite, even though it is getting almost past the garden season. I loved this area under the deck.

Oh yes! Just prim garden perfect! This garden is filled with the greatest "junk" (I say that with love). Just walk through the arbor and follow the stepping stones to heaven.

Wish I could have seen this when it was in full bloom, I just know it was out of this world!

This garden is all along the side of the house next to the driveway. What a treat when you drive in!

My favorite place was to set on the front porch and gaze at the mountains in the distance. As much as I miss my friend, I can understand the calling of the mountains. It is magical! So there you have it, a beautiful home filled with love from my beautiful friend. Thank you Connie for sharing with us and for a time I will never forget.

Before I leave you, I had to share a picture of another home down the road from Connie. Every time I've been there, I just yearn to see the inside of this house. It is so beautiful, right down to the last blade of grass!

Even the mailbox was dressed in all of autumn's glory.

I hope you all enjoyed the tour and you're having a restful weekend. The weather is cold, windy and rainy in Michigan. I'm looking forward to a Sunday of rest, movies and maybe a little stitchin'.

Until next time...


  1. Hi Dawn!! I am so glad you had a nice visit. Are you going to PA on Wed for the market? I will be there...can't wait to go as I have never been. How is Gan? Better I hope. Glad you are home safe. Talk soon

  2. OMG Dawn! Her home is so wonderful!!!! I will look at your pictires several times for sure! Her colors were calling me! And she has wondeful pieces. Thanks for sharing. I bet it was hard to leave.
    That is so sad she lost her husband.
    How did witches night go tonight?

  3. Oh Dawn...Connie has a beautiful home!! You are so right about the calling of the Tenn mountains being magical.
    So sorry to hear that she lost her husband.

  4. Dawn...beautiful pictures of a beautiful home. I love the log cabin home. Tennessee is such a beautiful state. One day I'm going to have to make a trip to your shop. I live in MIchigan also and only about 90 minutes aways .. Your shop looks wonderful!

  5. Dawn, what a wonderful friend you have in Connie, I was sad to learn her husband had passed away, I am sorry he did not have the opportunity to really enjoy his dream home. The area is just beautiful, not only did I enjoy the tour of Connie's home and grounds, but the house in the last photo is to die for! Have a great week, looking forward to seeing updated shop photos. Julie.

  6. Is so sad that her husband passed away, I'm sure that they deserve to share together a place like that. Her home is stunning. It is a dream home! Thanks for sharing, everything on it simply perfect. I wish to see it dressed for Christmas.

  7. Thank you for sharing her beautiful home with us. Blessings ~Sara

  8. Dawn, WOW, Connie has an amazing home. I bet you felt like you were visiting a B&B. It is so inviting. Thanks for taking us on the tour. And the garden is beautiful. Love seeing the mts. in the distance. Can't wait to see all the goodies you made while there.

  9. Dawn, I really enjoyed the 'visit' to Connie's home. So sad that she lost her husband. I did notice in one picture that Connie has a soap dish made by my husband. Just wondered if she bought it at one of our shows...maybe in VA? It looked great in her home. Blessings from The Cabin In The Woods in N.C.