Saturday, March 17, 2012


What a wild day Bonnie and I had Thursday! We left for Ohio at 5 a.m., went to the show, hit two warehouses and headed for home. When we got back to Michigan, it was just after and during the bad storms. Oh my gosh, what a ride!
We did find awesome things at the show though. These bird nest candle holders and battery candles are just beautiful and perfect for spring.

My favorites are the geranium pillows and pillow cases. One of the pillows is trying to make it into my car!

Our little pie safe is filled with potted "herbs", grubby chicks and lots of other spring things.

These "clay" pots are made out of wax and when the votive or tea light is lit inside, they glow all the way through. I did have to bring one home with me!

This table is loaded. We got the greatest table squares that look like burlap, table risers, all kinds of small candle holders, timer pillars and more!

Another favorite were these prim candle holders. They are going fast and hope to get more.

The covered barrels are always popular - especially for you gals with a buttery.

Oh my, we got lots of rugs, lamps, signs...

Another table riser and the old covered bottles.

I was so excited when I found the old rusty graters on boards. I've wanted to have them in the shop for a long time.

These little baskets are adorable. Pop one on the back of a chair and fill them with Easter grass and eggs.

Of course, a variety of towels is always welcome this time of year.

As most of you know, our French doors open into Zanie Janie's Simply Coffee. We had a great St. Patrick's Day surprise. One of her regulars (Louise) brought us a whole dinner to celebrate. Corned beef, cabbage, potatoes, carrots, bread, herbed butter! It was fabulous - thank's Louise!

The crock pot was LOADED!
Yesterday was overwhelming when I unloaded the car, had to price everything and get it put out. Just in time, Suzanne stopped in and decided to "play" and put things out. She did a great job and we had a lot of fun.
Well friends, Dick and I are going to put the top down on the VW and go have a green beer!
Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!
(Don't forget, out Spring Open House is next Sat and Sun!)
Until next time...


  1. Hi Dawn,
    What wonderful goodies I see in your shop!! I used to love going to the markets when I had my shop in Waynesville.

    I have a question for you...if we can't find someone to watch our Yorkies on the weekend, would it be okay for us to carry them into your shop. My parent's were going to watch them, but my mom ended up at the hospital today...she has an infection. So if we come up your way, we will have the doggies with us. I totally understand if you don't allow pets in there. We can always plan another time to head up that way.

    Happy St. Patrick's Day.

  2. Sounds like a wonderful meal you had :) What a nice surprise!
    Your shop looks wonderful as usual.

  3. You did find lots of great things didn't you.
    Oh I love those little baskets.
    What a fun surprise - we had the same thing but ours was fun to be surprised.

  4. Love the new goodies...also glad you are safe..those storms were devastating and also close to I75. Have a great week! Janice

  5. Love all the great prims you found at market. Did the graters come from the show? From one of the booths called Brier Creek primitives?? I am good friends with the owner of Brier Creek and I live close to her. She makes these graters and they are awesome! Your shop looks great as always. I so wish I lived closer to you I would have a blast shopping in your shop!