Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Lookie, lookie what is coming to the shop tomorrow. I browsed through "Just Country Gardens" tonight and it looks fantastic! Can't wait to read it from cover to cover. Are the rest of you as ready as I am to start diggin' in the dirt? This book has so many great garden ideas.
I also bought the new Home Tours edition of Country Sampler tonight. Hubby went up to the Little House to check on the melting snow and water situation, so I'm ready to curl up with a bunch of pillows and drool. It would have been easy to just come right home and get into it, but I made myself clean first. It always feels so good when the house is clean and the candles are lit. There's nothing much cozier.

We had so much fun at the shop today. Miss Suzanne came to teach our first rug hooking class and everyone enjoyed it so much. We all got to pick a beginner kit and she did such a great job explaining everything and showing us so many samples. This could be dangerous. I have so much to sew and stitch for the shop, but this could be a new favorite! I'm so glad the shop is all changed around and I can take it to work with me tomorrow and keep hooking. Thank you Suzanne, we are all looking forward to next week. Let me know if you have an interest and she might just start a second class!
Spring was definitely in the air today. It was 66 degrees when I left work - almost warm enough to put the top down on the VW! When I let my Rosie dog out tonight, it was still warm and just a beautiful night.
Well my blogging buds, I have a new magazine calling my name. Have a great evening and we'll talk again soon.
Until next time...


  1. Hi Dawn.
    The rug hooking sounds great. My friend just taught me how to do it. I have a little project started. Enjoy that magazine. We had those nice temperatures here today also. I didn't wear a coat when I went out, just a sweater. Today it is going to rain :(

  2. Enjoy the magazine~ I have CS home edition & I am so looking forward to Judy's new book~ love seeing ideas for the garden

  3. Oh how fun to learn to hook with friends!! Lucky you!!

    The temps are in the high 60's here today and most of the snow we got last Thursday is melthing away! I can some perennials greening up already! I think spring will be early here!!

    Have a wonderful weekend my friend! HUGS!

  4. Greetings Dawn, I hope you enjoyed this most beautiful spring-like day. The temperature hit 65 here in Maine. A friendly warning, primitive rug hooking is addictive! Hugs from Maine, Julie.

  5. A HOOKER is born!!! Don't ya just love hookin'?
    Judy's latest book is great and full of ideas.
    Enjoy your evening girlfriend.