Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Lookie, lookie at what we got at the shop! I'm so excited, it has Judy Condon's home included in this book. They are going fast!
Is this weather fantastic or what? What a treat to have the windows open and the smell of outdoors coming in. It is in the 80's here today, unheard of for this time of year. Do you think it can last?
We're getting geared up for our Springtime In The Village open house this weekend, both Saturday and Sunday from 10-5. Our list is getting shorter. Been to the markets - check, got great handmades in - check, the giveaways for the first 12 purchasers are finished - check, the menu is planned - check! Just a few more days to go. Hope I get a chance to see some of you over the weekend.
Well friends, time to keep stitching, painting and sewing. The list isn't quite short enough yet.
Until next time...


  1. ~ Eye Candy in the back home book~
    Happy Spring~

  2. Happy Spring Dawn. If you were here today you would NOT have your windows open. Our pollen count is over 9,000. The highest ever recorded. I have coughed until I am sore. But true, the weather is beautiful. So wish I was heading to Holly over the weekend. Sounds like you are ready and I would love to bring things home with me. Have fun

  3. I heard your having a sweet visitor Cindy on Saturday! I am so bummed I can't make it!
    You all have a great time!!!
    HUGS Dawn!

  4. Love those Judy Condon books......lots of eye candy.
    Have a great Spring open house! My very sweet friend Cindy is coming your way this weekend with her hubby. I love your blog and don't always leave a comment but one day I will get your way to see that fabulous shop of yours!
    Have fun,