Thursday, July 12, 2012


WOO-HOO! We got up at 5:30 a.m. this morning to head for Ann Arbor so Dick could have plastic surgery. After waiting for an hour, I finally got to go back to see him before his surgery. They had him all prepped - hospital gown and "shower cap" - ready for his I.V. The surgeon came in, looked at the place on his nose where they removed the malinoma and SENT US HOME!! They decided it is healing so well that they would wait for three months and see if he needed it then. What great news!
We did a little exploring, bought a few plants for the garden, came home and Dick built a primitive light to deliver to our friend and customer. We got in the bug and delivered her "new" light. Can you guess who it is? I walked around and took a few pictures of her gardens.
Check out the old washboard in the barrel of plants.
We had delicious pizza and salad on my favorite screened porch.
Her veggie garden is growing like crazy.
Look at the size of these flowers!
This little shed is adorable.
Who doesn't love a beeskep?
Okay, you're getting warmer. Have you seen this garden shed before?
Or how about this barn? If you guessed Earlene, you're right! We always have such a great time with Norm and Earlene, they are the perfects hosts. Soon it was time to leave after much drooling and walking around her house. We had the top down on the bug and away we went. Can't wait to get together again soon - maybe a bar-b-que this time??? I think it's our turn! Have a great Friday everyone. Until next time...


  1. HI Dawn...That is great news about Dick! It's always a joy when a patient is told he or she does not need the surgery after all! So glad you had a nice day! I love looking at Earlene's gardens on her blog...can't even imagine what they look like in person. Hope to see you soon..your shop looks lovely! I hope you are enjoying your rughooking!!

  2. Hi Dawn, Wonderful news about Dick,yey!!! I guessed right, love Earlene`s prim place, so beautiful and that porch, I would never leave. Enjoy the weekend, Blessings Francine.

  3. So glad the surgery was cancelled! What a great garden. I love all the little garden art to look at. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Wonderful news for Dick! That's great!
    I always love pictures of Earlene's place!

  5. Such great news for Dick. The pictures of the gardens look wonderful. I love looking at gardens. Have a great weekend Dawn.

  6. Hi, Dawn ~ hooray for Dick, awesome news. Earlene's gardens look beautiful and she seems so sweet. Hope to meet up with her sometime.

  7. What wonderful news. I am waiting for results of a biopsy on my nose.Earlenes shed is so neat. I enjoy her blog too.

  8. What great news! Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day. Such Blessings~ Sara

  9. So glad to hear about Dick. Loved the pics of your house and Earlene's! Take care, Janice

  10. Such good news for Dick! Sounds like a fun day out!

  11. so glad to hear this news....say hi to dick.....earlene's home is always a delight.....i have enjoyed it much over the years....