Sunday, July 8, 2012


Good evening Prim Pals! Whew, I've been having blog withdrawal since Tuesday. We set up for the show in Clarkston Tuesday night (in the rain) and then we were there all day Wednesday from 8:30 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. and it reached over 100. I've NEVER been so hot in my life and was SOOOOO happy to get home to the air. The show was kind of a bust, but it was just too darn hot for people to even care about shopping. We did have fun with Bob and Peggy from Wren In The Willow and a great time chatting with friends that stopped by to visit.
We got our booth all set up and it was filled to the brim with prims!
Love the mustard drysink by Dick. He also did a beautiful mustard blanket crane shelf to match.
New stitcheries in old windows and patriotic goods.
We even took some fall wares for a little sneak peek!
Another great cobblestone creation by Dick.
Outside looking in.
Dick was trying to get in some shade and out of the sweltering heat.
Wren In The Willow (Bob and Peggy) were right next to us and they had a beautiful booth.
Two tents - plus!
And then yesterday I had a nice surprise at the shop. Two gals came in and one of the gals (Linda) had followed the blog and was from Phoenix, Az. Linda is on the left and her friend Sharon is from Swartz Creek - right here in Michigan. When we got up Thursday morning after the show, we had no power. A terrible storm had gone through and knocked out power all over the area. FINALLY we got it turned back on this morning (Sunday). Poor Dick was up every two hours putting gas in the generator. We're so thankful that we saved our food, had some lights, could take showers and nobody was hurt. After we closed the shop today, we came home, put on our p.j.'s and watched movies. It feels so great to be back on the computer so I can see what all of you have been up to. Hope your week is filled with adventure (the good kind) and we'll talk again soon. Until next time...


  1. Morning Dawn...your show set up looks wonderful. What great treasures!
    How fun to meet blog friends.
    Boy the storms (where people were lucky enough to have rain) sure did get bad things with it! Glad things worked out for you all.


  2. Bless you. My friend Sandi, in W. Va has been w/o power since the storm a week ago last Fri. Still doesn't know when it will be on. I was w/o 5 days once and about died! (I thought I was anyway)lol Doing shows in the heat is no fun, but sounds like ou made it so. Love reading about your town.

  3. Your booth looked great Dawn! Lots of eye candy! Too bad it was too stinking hot!

  4. Looks like a wonderful sorry the weather didn't cooperate.

  5. Sorry you were in the heat for this show. Your booth looked great! So glad we are back into the 70's. Take care, Janice