Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Good beautiful evening Prim Pals! Isn't this weather heavenly after having the temps up in the 100's?! We can actually set outside the shop some, have the windows open at home, and the top down on the VW. Doesn't get any better than that! Tomorrow morning is going to be an EARLY one! Dick and I have to be in Ann Arbor at 7:30 for his plastic surgery. Guess we'll have to get to bed tonight at a decent hour. He can't eat after midnight, so we're having ice cream for dinner tonight! (We at a late lunch today.) I had the best time last night. Our Lucy stayed with us for two nights while her parents and sister were at the 4-H Fair and then Ellie decided she wanted a sleepover too. I took both girls to see the movie "Brave" and met Amanda, Caroline and Jack there. Couldn't believe that Lucy left her 3-D glasses on the whole time. When we got home, Ellie and Lucy had the best time catching fire flies. We had to keep a jar in the bedroom last night to watch them light up!
All four kids making faces after the movies!
This morning, Lucy and Ellie enjoyed a picnic in front of the shop.
At about 4 p.m., the car cruisers started rolling into town and did they roll! They were packed in everywhere! From the north,
to the south,
to the east,
and to the west!
My pick of the night was this gorgeous old Austin Healey. I'm not much of a muscle car girl, love the old oldies and the sports cars the best.
Although, this old Cadillac would have been the height of elegance in it's day. So much fun to see what shows up! Going over to our selling blog to add lots of new goodies tonight. Come on over and check it out! Have a wonderful Thursday and we'll talk soon. Until next time...


  1. You are one busy lady!! I am sure kids kept you hopping but fun!
    Talk to you to tomorrow afternoon to see how Dicks surgery went.

  2. Hi Dawn,
    It's always so much fun doing things with the wee ones isn't it?
    Praying for the best for Dick.

    Hey...if you ever see a Black with White top 1958 Chevy Impala Convertible take a picture of it for husband had a brand new on when he met me and then sold it to buy my ring!!! What a guy huh???
    It's his dream to own one again.


  3. Sounds like a fabulous and fun evening with the girls. We haven't seen that movie yet, but have that on our to do list. :) Have a wonderful day! Hope Dick's surgery went well.