Wednesday, January 27, 2010


BRRRRR! It's getting colder and colder here in Michigan. The nights are going to get down to the single digits again and it looks like winter is back with a vengance. Oh well, only a little over a month and it will be March and spring will be following shortly. I don't know about you, but I'm ready to get out and play in the dirt. When we moved here last fall, it was already too cold to do anything to the yard and I've got so many flowers to transplant and those gardens are just calling my name! I love living on this canal and can't wait to get some prims into the back yard and do picket fences, window boxes and gardens in the front! Oh for red geraniums...
Sometimes it hard to think about our great old house, but we must all "bloom where we're planted" and I think my mom will get a kick out of having new flowers and gardens to look at and be involved in.
I'm still tweeking, but it is finally starting to come together. Still have to get hubby to hang some shelves and I still have lots to sort and move from the other house, but one of these days... I LOVE having my new shelves in the "craft" room and having some organization. Sure makes things a LOT easier! I've had these old silouettes for about 25 years and have never gotten tired of them. The large one is an old stitchery.
The "yard long" belonged to my husband's family and it is perfect in the bedroom. The "shelf" is an old divided drawer.

This is an old green shutter with a wire "basket" front. I made the doll with my friend Connie years ago.
We used an old prim piece for our island with a noodle board on top. The back was kind of beat up and faced the dining area. I decided to paint it with chalkboard paint and have had fun putting different things on the back.
I finished a big old stitchery today, it's getting grubbied up as we speak and then I'm mounting it to the front of an old cupboard door. Can't wait to share with you - maybe tomorrow.
Spring started to peek out at the shop today. Rabbits are popping up and a few spring gardeny things too. I thought I might be too early, but the customers seemed to be pleased to have something new and different to choose from - and they were already buying! Sure is fun to have something different to look at and to be able to dream that warm breezes might be sneaking in before too awfully long.
I wanted to thank you for the "well wishes" for my doctor's appointment today. It looks like there isn't going to be anything too serious, but on for more tests in a week or so. I feel such a flood of relief tonight and can maybe get a good night's sleep.
Well friends, time to get painting, staining and stitching more goodies for the shop.
Until next time...


  1. Glad it wasn't as scary as you thought!

    It's getting colder here too 12* for Friday night and one night it will go down to 8*!!! I just keep thinking that after Michael's birthday, March 17th, it starts to get springy around here in Pa:)

    I hope you get a good nights sleep:)


  2. Hi Dawn!....yes what a relief indeed to learn that your doctor's appt. wasn't all that bad.

    Stay warm and cozy in your cute new home!


  3. I loved all your pictures but I think your island idea with the chalkboard paint is great! So glad to hear today is over for you with your testing and that you are feeling some relief! I hope you get a peaceful night's sleep and that you will have the peace that passes understanding as you go through the rests of your test!

  4. Oh Dawn, how did I miss you had some health concerns! I am so glad to read it went OK at the Drs!!

  5. I love your island and what u did with it as a chalkboard! How clever~

  6. I've got to get over to your store.... I love bunnies!

  7. Brrr is right! Very chilly today, but the sun is shining! I like the chalkboard paint of the back of your island, great idea. Can't wait to see your project!

  8. Glad to here that Dr's appointment went ok. Hope the tests you have coming up turn out ok too!!