Friday, January 1, 2010


HAPPY NEW YEAR MY FRIENDS! Isn't it exciting to open the cover of a new book and begin filling the pages? There are so many things I want to accomplish. I want to finish sorting at our old house, have the sale and introduce her to new owners. I want to finish getting our new home settled. I want the shop to look better than ever with great prim antiques and handmades. But, most of all, I want to spend time with the ones I love and try to be the best wife, daughter, mother, grandmother, friend, shopkeeper that I can be.
We bought our grandchildren new ice skates for Christmas and they can't wait to try them out. It is a new adventure to all of them. We have a canal behind our new home, so Dick is going to test the ice and shovel off a rink for them if it is safe. We'd love to build a bonfire, roast hot dogs and skate with our little ones over this holiday weekend. In this age of technology, we're hoping to turn back the clock and share some simple, old-fashioned fun with these wonderful children. I have this picture in my mind of days gone by.
Remember the times of boots made of rubber that you slipped on over your shoes? Your little socks would slide down in your shoes and your feet would be like ice cubes. That didn't stop us from staying out in the cold building our snow forts, sliding down hill or ice skating. When it was time to come in, we'd warm ourselves in front of the fire or wood stove, sip some REAL hot chocolate and maybe read a story or two. Oh, the good old days!
Hope your new year is filled with simple pleasures and great memories.
Until next time...


  1. That sounds like a plan of great fun Dawn!

    Happy New Year!

  2. I love new starts - it gives us every oppotunity to make out lives better!!

    I love your plans for this weekend. It sounds perfect!!

    warm hugs, Linda

  3. That sounds like a wonderful time that your grand children will cherish for many years to come.

  4. I love your header, who is he?
    Love the skates hanging too!

    Wishing you a wonderful New Year ahead!


  5. Happy New Year!
    I love the Picture of the Boxer sitting on the couch.


  6. I have so put myself at my grandmas growing up and ice skating on their pond..And now I feel like I am there. my kids do it now. I feel as if though I can almost smell those hot dogs cooking outside and can hear the laughter of all of the kids. That would be such a wonderful memory for the whole family. Thanks for bringing back memories for me.
    XOXO Stephanie

  7. Dawn ,
    What a lovely trip down memory lane! My Dad used to build a skating rink in our back yard every winter...I used to stay out there for hours on end...till my Mom called me in for REAL hot chocolate. Happy New Year!

  8. Happy New Year Dawn. I hope it brings lots wishes come true for you and your family.
    Laurie :)

  9. Dawn,
    Your plans with the grandkids sounds wonderful and like so much fun!! My little grandson is due in about a month and I can't wait to meet him, plus it sure was exciting when I felt him kicking today.
    Love your new blog header!! The boxer is adorable!!

  10. My gosh Dawn, reading your 'reflections' of the cold days of long ago I actually could see and feel the cold in those rubber always would put bread bags over our shoes before slipping our feet into them! Now that's in the past!!!! lol
    Happy memories with your family.

  11. have stirred many happy memories. When I was very little my brother would hose the back yard with water over and over until he had a little ice rink made. Then he would attempt to teach me to skate. He even bought me double rung skates! I haven't thought of that in years. I'll have to remind him of that!

  12. Dawn... you awakened some wonderful olde memories. I remember Mom putting newspaper around the heel of our shoes to get those rubber golashes on. Oh! How cold they were. But , oh we all had so much fun. I am loving reaing your posts. Keep warm. Winter is still here.
    Hugs Marg