Monday, January 11, 2010


Oh Holy Snow!!! It just keeps coming and coming and coming. We're all hoping this is the end of it for the week - please!
As promised, I went to take pictures of Sally and Randy's house today. This post is picture heavy, so you might as well grab a cup of coffee and settle in for some wonderful primitive eye candy. I LOVE red houses, especially OLD red houses, and this is one of my favorites ever! What a welcoming feeling to walk up on the porch!
The color didn't come out as well as I'd hoped with the bright snow, but it is old red with a green front door.

Every touch is just perfect, including this old lantern and candle on the porch before you walk in.
Love this arrangement on the back porch too!
Wouldn't you love to sit out on the screened porch in the summer?

Just perfection.

This darling little garden is just waiting for spring.

Even the garage was built to match the house. Have you ever read the book Seasons? This was made to look like the wash house from the book.
The old smokehouse is just the right touch in the back yard.
This little pass-thru goes from the dining area to the living room.
Sally has a beautiful collection of pottery, this is just a small portion.
The kitchen is so primitive and inviting!
I love the new island!
Oh yes, we all love cutting boards - don't we?
More pottery and great old cupboards.
This black stepback and pewter is spectacular.Christmas goose from Holly Hills Primitives!
The fireplace is a newer addition done by Randy in the keeping room - next to the dining area.
My favorite little corner. Couldn't you just curl up here to do some stitching?
The kitty sure can!
Oh yes, no house would be complete without wooden bowls!
This great old beam separates the dining area/kitchen from the keeping room.
Shelves in the new pantry - also done by Randy.

Oops! A little mouse snuck in!
Beautiful new pantry!
Santa seems to like it in here.
This dry sink is inside the back door and filled with more wooden bowls.
New (old) Ohio piece.
Fabulous old corner cupboard in the living room!
This living room is SOOO cozy.
Another view of the living room and into the keeping room.
Great old wooden boxes.
Very old rocking horse - sorry about the lighting.
Who doesn't love old samplers?
Now let's take a little strole down the hall.
Are these dresses sweet or what???
Downstairs bath - adorable.
OOOOOH, what a great place to snuggle up! The master bedroom is so soothing and relaxing.
You can look out and see the old smokehouse from these windows.
See the wooden cupboard? Another piece from Holly Hills Primitives!
The den is sweet as can be! This table was also from Holly Hills Primitives and will find a home on the screened porch this summer.
I'll bet the kittys love this window seat.
Let's take a little walk upstairs. This little doorway in the hall is just the best and leads to an attic with the original old beams (tree trunks) that were used to build the house.
Cute little cupboard in the upstairs bath.
Isn't this sink the cutest thing?
Cozy upstairs bedroom. I'm crazy about those little, low windows.
Another darling little upstairs bedroom.
Wouldn't you love to be a guest here?
Sweet little angel.
And every artist needs a studio! Have you been in to see Sally's cards that we carry at the shop? They are true works of art.
Well girls, that's it for today. I hope you enjoyed our tour as much as I did taking the pictures. Thank you Sally and Randy for sharing your wonderful old home with all of us - you should be in a magazine!
Until next time...


  1. Love this house! It looks so warm and cozy. Another house for CS Magazine.... it is beautiful.Thanks for sharing.

  2. Be still my heart!! That house is gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing it with us Dawn!!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing their wonderful home with us. I love it!

  4. Red is my favorite color!
    I just love that house and you were right...lots of eye candy!

    Thanks for the tour. This is one of my favorite things to do !


  5. I kept going back to view the pictures - and clicking on them to make them larger to really see fun was this.
    Thanks for sharing their beautiful home.


  6. Dawn,
    I so agree that their home should be in a magazine!! It's beautiful!! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  7. What a wonderful tour....Thank you! Beth

  8. Dawn,
    Thanks for sharing such a beautiful home!
    Stay warm ~

  9. What fabulous pics! I am under the weather and will have to come back for another look when I feel better and can be out of bed longer. There's no time to be sick!


  10. What a beautiful home! i love the outside AND the inside!

  11. I love all the pictures! That was so much fun... thanks for sharing! Suzanne

  12. I just found your blog and love it!I will be back and hope you visit me.I also love your music,We use to sing "I'll Fly Away" in church when I was a little girl,haven't heard it in ages.