Wednesday, January 6, 2010


What a fun day off! I started off with a doctor's appointment - another bout of bronchitis - and came home to turn on the music, put on the coffee and started taking down Christmas decorations. Doesn't it feel great to declutter? It was SOOOO cold outside, seems like our usual lately. By the time the afternoon rolled around, I really had cabin fever. My friend Lisa, that helps out at the shop, invited me to come over and see her holiday decorating before she took it down. She has a lovely log home in the woods and it was so inviting that I decided I'd share it with all of you. Her home is a custom log home in a very wooded setting. Just lovely.

It has a big wrap-around front porch and a side-entrance garage.

As you walk into her foyer, it is so inviting and warm. Don't you love the shutter shelf that she bought at the shop? Lisa collects a lot of vintage Christmas and displays it so well.
This tree in her foyer stays up all year and changes with the seasons.
The stairway banister is so rustic and unique. Look at her collection of bird pictures on the wall.
The balcony above leads to two more bedrooms and a bathroom.
Her tree was tremendous! Filled with vintage ornaments and family memories.
The stone fireplace is perfect with the logs. The old shutters above have pinetree cutouts.
This is a picture Lisa did as a child by cutting out pieces of paper and copying a painting. What a keepsake!
Isn't this a unique chandalier?
Cute old green kitchen "cupboard" in her bathroom.
Lots of glitter and white in the master bedroom.
This antique bedspread was handmade by a relative and looks beautiful over the red comforter underneath. Thank you Lisa for letting me share!
After touring her home, she went with me to shop for a few Valentine goodies for the shop. It felt so good to have some fresh things this morning when I opened - and it already started to sell!
Good news! The Country Register called me today and they are going to feature the shop in the March/April issue. Hooray!
Well girls, time to get busy putting away more Christmas. We've got lots of snow on the way and I've got lots to get done! Have a great evening.
Until next time...


  1. Thanks to you and your friend for sharing her home, it's so cozy and inviting. I especially liked the red and white bed ensemble
    Congratulations on the upcoming featuring of your shop!
    It's cold up here in the LP.*brrrr* =)

  2. Looks so cozy! How nice to spend the day with a friend. Glad you enjoyed the day.
    Laurie :)

  3. Hi Dawn sweetie...
    Thank you for sharing today and please thank you beautiful friend for allowing us to visit too.
    I so enjoyed myself.

    Now for you. Please take care of yourself. Those infections are not fun. Nobody likes to be sick. Stop by and let me share with you some chicken noodle soup, and some tissues. I have left some just for you.

    Country hugs my precious friend...Sherry

  4. Dawn,
    Lisa has a beautiful home!! Thanks for sharing it.

    Congrats on your shop going to be featured in The Country Register. I'ld love to see it, but I think we get a different one here for our area.

    It's been cold here too and we are going to get about 4 to 6 inches of snow here in the next 24 hours.

    Take care and stay warm.

  5. What a beautiful home your friend has :)

    Hope you feel need to rest a bit I think.

    Congratulations on the Country Register feature :)

    Hugs, Doreen

  6. Hi Dawn... hope you are feeling better soon. Things are sure going around, and this weather IS yuck, like you said. Stay warm! It looks like you have had some fun this past holiday season. Happy New Year, Dawn!

  7. Thank you for sharing Lisa's home with us. It's just beautiful!!

    Have a great weekend and stay warm :0)