Monday, January 18, 2010


Good evening friends. Spent a work day at the shop today and got LOTS done and out. I told you I would share pics, so get ready, get set, go... Let's start out in our little "living room". The fire is glowing, our Johnston Benchwork couch is still available and ready to relax on and there are some pretty quilts to wrap up in.
New lamps are ready to light your rooms.

Great black iron candle holder with shade.
This black, wooden house lights up and is adorable.
New pillows with mustard homespun edging.
Black plate rack, crow chargers, crow signs, crow pillows, handmade crows...
This black angel didn't snow up very well, but she is prim perfect!
Lots of new signs.
Mustard and black star shelf/peg board.
Lots of new hooked rugs and towels. (I'm having a hard time leaving this black one at the shop!)
A rooster and a sheep rug.

These potted plant rugs are beautiful!
How about this bird bath made from an enamel pan and garden tools?
Handmade kitty found his way to the birdbath!
More signs - perfect for Valentine's Day and all year long.
Prim heart rug and towels.
These old red children's rubber rainboots are way adorable and ready for your spring porch or garden.
New shower curtains and MORE towels!
This mamma and baby kitty are all snuggled in an old suitcase.
Cute little prairie doll holding her spool of thread.
REALLY PRIM ANGEL with tin and music wings.
Love the peg shelf with the antique black doll. Have you ever seen such a BIG kerosene lamp holder???
Old black spice drawers.
Black blanket crane - that MIGHT come home with me.
This old split door on hinges is the perfect corner piece or room divider.
Hard to see heart back antique folding chair.
Beautiful antique lampshade in old moss greens.
Cute little black lamp with burgandy check shade.
There you have today's goodies. More will be coming in the rest of the week and next week. It's so much darn fun to put out new prims to share with all of you! Don't forget, I will ship everything but furniture, so if you see something you are interested in - just call the shop at 248/634-7040.
On to cutting out more dolls! Have a great evening.
Until next time...


  1. Love, love, love it all! The hooked rugs are my favorite!!

  2. It all looks so nice! I have been packing up the Christmas at the shop and can't wait to have it lookin' nice again. I haven't said it out loud to the world yet but, I have decided on my 2010 plans. I am going to open EVERY Saturday. I'm hoping to launch it with an open house Sat. February 6th. That's if we can get it ready in time. We had pipes break in the shop and right now the drywall in the kitchen is all torn out!
    Hope business is going well for you!

  3. ***sigh***you make me wish I had a shop where I could display all my goodies.........
    They are lovely and you should be very proud of what you have done.