Thursday, April 8, 2010


What a difference a couple days can make! We went from nice spring-like weather to COLD! It might get down to about 28 degrees tonight and "S____". I know it could still happen in April, but we've had enough for this year. The flowers are popping out and we sure don't want to look at any more of the white stuff.
I promised to get a few more pictures on from last weekend and so here we go. I got the old harness maker's bench in and it is SOOOO PRIM! It would look so great on a porch with a big fern sitting on the end.
My favorite is this old turkey feeder. Can't you just see it planted with red geraniums? I also like the old garden gate for a backdrop in a garden or on a porch.
This bench is hand-hewn and also very prim. It would make a great coffee table OR would also be perfect in a garden or on the porch.
Don't know if you can see this old rusty, metal basket. What a perfect planter this would be! The old white pedestal would make just the right stand for a fern or hanging plant.
Tonight it's back to the sewing machine! Another shop ordered a few dolls from me and I need more in my shop too, so guess what I'll be doing for awhile? My creative juices are flowing though and I can't wait to see the end results.
Last night was like a fairy tale! My husband won tickets to the Fox Theatre in Detroit to see "Celtic Woman" and it was beyond wonderful. We had VIP parking (the attendant even walked us across the street with an umbrella) and we had perfect seats in one of the suites. The theatre had a beautiful buffet set up for the suite-holders and we had a host bringing us drinks, desserts or anything else we wanted. If you ever get a chance to see this show, it is out of this world. After the show we went to Greektown to dinner and tried $20 in the slot machines - no luck (I was hoping to win enough for another load of furniture)! All in all, it was a wonderful night to remember.
My Gannon boy is spending the night tonight and going to work with me again tomorrow. It seems that Abbey and him have been taking turns while they are on spring break. What the heck? They are only kids once and I'm thrilled that they like to come spend time with me as much as they do. (Wonder when the next FIVE will want their turns!!??)
Hope you all snuggle in where it's warm tonight and spend some time with the ones you love!
Until next time...


  1. Great Garden Prims..thanks for sharing.

  2. I LOVE all your new pieces! And how awesome is that.... that you got a "night on the town"??? It sounds like you had a wonderful time! You deserve it! Hope to see you soon! Hugs!!

  3. Dawn,
    Loving your new prims & wow, how lucky to win those tickets. I bet the show was fantastic & it sounds like you got great treatment. Have a great weekend.

  4. Hi, would love to see that show and how about all that special deserve it kiddo.

    Your new treasures are wonderful and yes, red geraniums would be gorgeous in the feeder!

    P.S.....hope you don't get snow! It's really cold here too...from one extreme to the other.


  5. Love your new treasures! Wonderful as always! Sounds like a wonderful time you had! Free tickets too boot! I think it is great that the kids want to come stay with you! That is very special and something you will always treasure. Enjoy it before they get too big!

  6. Love all your new prims! My Mom has a DVD of the Celtic women and it's just wonderful! It sounds like you had a great evening!!
    Kim - PS We are getting light flurries right now. Thankfully it's going to be in the 50's tomorrow!!

  7. I appreciate how , if I click on your photos, they get bigger so I can see the details. Love your new inventory.
    That sounds like a nice evening. I'm so glad you both enjoyed yourselves.
    It did the S-word here yesterday. Today it is all gone, but it still is rather chilly.
    It's good to hear from you.Have a great weekend!

  8. Love all the new things in the shop, that white bench/table has my heart. Hopefully one day Millstone will look like that. In VA. there weather has turned cooler..but not as cold as what you seem to have. Have a blessed evening.