Friday, April 2, 2010


ANOTHER GLORIOUS DAY IN MICHIGAN!!! I think the temps hit about 82 degrees and it was just perfect outside. Not many customers today, I think they all went out of town for the holiday or stayed home to work in their yards. Oh well, it was still beautiful. I just love having that front door of the shop open and listening to our little fountain.
My neighbor, Janie, and I have played for a couple days. We decorated her windows with things from my shop. Her customers can get a great cup of coffee, look (and buy) from her displays and bring their coffee in my shop too. We have French doors between our shops that we always have open. Doesn't it look like spring?
Loving all the green and yellow we put in her shop.
We had a ball outside today. I painted her benches outside of her door and it "perked" them right up.
It's amazing what a little piece of sponge can do (checkerboards). We had other merchants coming to visit, laugh and just enjoy the outdoors.
My Gannon boy came before I closed, went up to see my dad with me and now he is fishing with my hubby. I think I'm going to put him to work at the shop tomorrow! He tells me he is going to work there after school when he gets in high school. We'll see!
I hope you'll all say one little prayer for my dear dad tonight. He has pneumonia again. I was hoping we could take him out in this sunny weather, but he has to get feeling better first. We hooked up a "bird" speaker for him in his room. It has a transmitter and a speaker so he can listen to the birds sing. Gannon refilled the suet feeder for him tonight and he is so enjoying watching the birds - and hearing them too.
Well, better get a few things done before my fishermen get back. Hope you all have an Easter filled with nothing but love and happiness.
Until next time...


  1. everything looks great....i'm lovin this weather too!!!! have a great easter!!! hugs, amy♥

  2. Dawn,
    Janie's shop looks great & I love the "perky" bench. Hope your dad gets feeling better very soon. Your Gannon sounds like such a sweetheart. Enjoy the weather & your weekend.

  3. Cute benches! We have had great weather too! A little windy today, but the sun was shining! The shop looks great!

  4. ~Dawn~
    It's so wonderful to open the doors..Especially for people to be able to enter..maybe someone who never came in or for people who have already stopped by for a visit :) You did a great job on zanies benches! Your father is in my thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery. Have a wonderful Easter weekend.
    ♥ Stephanie

  5. How nice to be such great friends with the benches, so cute!
    Hope your dad is feeling better today and such a good idea so that he can hear the birds.

  6. What fun to tweak with a friend - and through open the doors!!

    Have wonderful Easter Dawn in your new cozy home - you have worked hard the last year, it's time to savor all that work!!

  7. The weather IS awesome isn't it! I've been spending every chance I can get outside! But, I'm long overdue for a trip to your shoppe!! Everything looks so great!

    By the way... I love the music on your blog. It reminds of when my husband use to sing, with his sisters, at their olde country church when we first got married. Memories...

  8. This post make my heart smile, it is sounds like you two had so much fun!
    Perk Up! :D

    I will remember your dad in my prayers. Having been a geriatric nurse, I understand how worrying this can be. *hugs*

    I hope you and yours have an enjoyable weekend.