Thursday, April 1, 2010


OH HAPPY DAYS!!! Finally, we have been able to leave the front door of the shop open and it feels so great. The fresh air just does something for the soul and the customers feel a lot more welcome when they can just walk in.
Seems like I'm never able to get a good shot of our window, there is always a glare with the camera.
The Americana is making it's way to the front of the shop. It always seems to say spring and holidays are comin'.
It's almost that time to get out and dig in our gardens and get them ready for plantings. Don't you just love to have fun "junk" to decorate with?
This old dolly is wonderful. I could see it on a porch or even in a bathroom for towels!
This OLD, round mailbox just arrived and it would be so prim filled with spring flowers.
Signs are also starting to come in. Love the "back door" sign.
Wouldn't this one be cute on an old picket fence?
This PRIM garden girl is a hoot. She is made on an old wood stump. My daughter thinks she looks like the "Grim Reaper".
New lamps are here too. I love this mustard, star lamp. We also have a similar one that is a burgandy floor lamp with a big hook on the front.
This old flour bin is the best. It would be so great planted with flowers, or hung on a wall for prim storage.
But, THEN, there's this Mammy sock doll. I just love her and had to keep one for me too.
We have more on the way by next week and I don't think you'll be disappointed. Hope you get a chance to pop in to say "hi" and shop for your new spring goodies.
Until next time...


  1. Oh cool, your store:) Neat stuff! We had our windows open today too here in southeast Ohio. Our temps got up to 76 this afternoon.

  2. The store looks GREAT Dawn!You should have a sign saying "Welcome to Prim Paradise" over the door...I'd be in my element!I'm with you on the store front photo.I did a Christmas display in my shop window with a black backdrop,bare tree branches covered in twinkling white lights,fake snow,a sled and lots of goodies on it.I waited until it was dark to take a photo of it for the website.I was really pleased how everything looked until I loaded the photo to my PC and realised I'd left my car headlights on and they were like two huge square moons shining in the window!!!LOL!! Have a great Easter and enjoy the Spring weather and fresh air! x ♦Lynne♦

  3. Dawn,
    Love all your garden stuff, the ole garden gal is a hoot. Glorious weather ~ we had 84 yesterday & the doors and windows were open. Have a wonderful Easter, my friend.

  4. Your shop looks so fun! I see a sign in your front window on it's side....something, $2.00? I am really into signs lately! Happy Easter!

  5. Wonderful pictures of your to see it in person, maybe one day:) I also like the mailbox very nice.