Wednesday, April 21, 2010


What a great sunny day in Michigan! The temps are only around 60 degrees, but the sun is shining bright. I just had to show you the newest additions to the shop. This antique bed is so pretty. It's Bird's Eye Maple and just so sweet. The quilt is also very old and the stitches are amazing - all by hand.
Not sure what this was used for - maybe a grate of some kind. I just love the angel details on it.
Had to show you another picture of our table and benches after it got "primmed up". It looks a lot shinier in the picture than it really is.
A few new pillows are coming in - one by one.
This prim angel is adorable - she even has real wool hair and bells for eyes.
Monday afternoon we met Chad (my son) and Kim for their birthday dinners - finally. Their birthdays were both in March! Kim's folks met us too and we had the best dinner, I had King Crab Legs and they were YUMMY!
Today was great at the shop. I sold a beautiful upholstered settee and the big turkey feeder (which we have to deliver tonight) and then another shop bought 8 of my dolls - HOORAY! Time to get sewing again, and again, and again!
Hope you are having a happy day in your neck of the woods!
Until next time...


  1. Evening Dawn...wonderful photo of your son and Kim....He's quite handsome and she' sooo pretty.

    Your breakfast nook turned out wonderfully - love the angel pillow too.


  2. Great stuff, Dawn & it sounds like you had a great day at the shop. Cold here today ~ only in the 40s. Have a great evening.

  3. I am lovin' that grate, I have a collection of them around the house. Your shop looks great!!

  4. Another batch of wonderful goods! Good thing I dont' live close by! LOL! I have never seen a bed like that out of maple. I can see it is though. Very nice! Your little nook turned out great! That would be so fun to have if you had the right place. Thanks for showing your new goodies!

  5. Congrats on your sales!! Everything looks beautiful :)