Sunday, May 2, 2010


Happy May everyone! What a busy month this seems to be (but fun too)! In anticipation of our Ladie's Nite Out (Friday night), I got another great load of antiques. More new goodies and handmades will make their way into the shop this week. I hope some of you can come, it is so much fun. I just love to see our little town all lit up with pink lights and pink balloons and filled with music. This is just a great way to spend some time with friends!
This post is very picture-laden, so grab your cup of coffee and be ready. Lots of gardening goodies are making their way in, including watering cans, wash tubs, old tools, wagons and more. This week a potting bench will be here made from an old door, window and ladder - just awesome!
Who doesn't just love old "ferners". Seems like most of them are white, so when I found this old green one I was ecstatic! It still has the old tin liner ready for your plantings.
How about a "crow in a pear tree"? A new little twist for your porch.
Lots of "redos" were done this week - and today my muscles are SCREAMING at me!
Our log cabin area is filled with the best prim goodies, from old benches, tables, stitcheries, dolls and more.
This old rolling shopping cart is so darn cute! I could just see if filled with quilts or anything else that you might collect.
I think this is the old wheel from a spinning wheel. I just love the look of it hanging on a wall!
I was thrilled to find this old tobacco basket. They are very hard to come by in this neck of the woods!
What a sweet little blue and white spice set!
This big old crock is wonderful - very hard to leave in the shop!
Another great crock with a handle. I think this might have had a lid at one time.
Another "thrill" find! This old crock was used to water chickens. (2 pieces)
Don't you love it when plants are hung from old pulleys? We have a few to choose from.
Our "living room" has lots of great prims too. How about the little black pie safe? Wouldn't this giant bobbin make a great quilt rack (it came from the mills of Vermont). We have crates, rusty tin lamp shades, game boards...
This piece is beyond beautiful! The top is supposed to be hung on the wall (but these brick walls prevent that for me). It is pine and in quality condition, including glass pulls and knobs.
The other side of our "living room".
Come on in and have a visit by our "fire".
This bed and dresser are so pretty. It appeals to a very feminine side and would be gorgeous for a little girl - or big girl, for that matter.
More garden goodies for your screened room or patio.
I wanted to show you a sample of our "lunchbox planter" that will be a painting class here this month. Sharon Cerne is teaching this class and she makes it all so easy and fun!
Our Kari brought in lots of new jewelry that is wonderful. (She is also the teacher for our soldered jewelry class.)
This piece is so unusual - it even has two different chains.
It is going fast, so come on in and find your own treasure. Better yet, what a great gift for MOM! Remember, Mother's Day is two days after Ladie's Nite!
I had to tell you about my nice surprise the other day! Suzanne and her hubby (from Poplar Street Prim) came in for their "date/exploring day" and she brought me two tools to use for turning my dolls. I can't wait to start using them tomorrow and Tuesday on my sewing days. Thank you so much Suzanne, it meant the world to me that you thought of this.
Today is going to be a very busy day at our household. We are getting our "old" house ready to be painted - yup, power washing the whole thing. I have to pack up more things to get rid of and move. Going up to visit Dad. Having birthday cake with my kids for Ashley's 30th birthday. Running to get more material and stuffing. This list goes on and on! I sure am glad I'll have the next two days to sew!
Hope you have a peaceful and restful Sunday.
Until next time...


  1. Love it all ..sure wish I was close enough to come shop !!!

  2. The shop looks wonderful! I love the garden display! I have been out looking for "garden junktiques" and having a hard time finding anything. I'm off to the garage to get some work done for the open house next week. I'll post pic's when I get the shop set up. Hope the rest of your weekend is sunny. Don't work too hard!

  3. Thanks for all the eye candy! Sure wish you could bring one of those truck loads to my house!

  4. Dawn,
    Wow ~ what wonderful primitives. I love the watering cans, the old chicken feeder crock and that tobacco basket ~ well, I love it all. What a score you you.

  5. Oh my gosh! You did get some great stuff. Love the tow piece desk with the glass pulls and the chicken water crock is awesome.

  6. Awww.... you're too sweet Dawn!

    Your shoppe is really bursting out at the seams! I loved everything I saw when I was there on friday and I'm loving all the new items you've added since I was there. The jewelry is to die for! I'll have to check it out next time I come!

    I love all the things I've purchased through your store. It all fits perfectly in my little Prim home. I always know I can find awesome prim items in your lovely shoppe!!

  7. Dawn,
    I'm sure if you get a gathering together I'll make it down. Sounds like fun, fun, fun. Keep me posted.

  8. How fun to go out and find all those beautiful treasures - your shop is always so beautiful and full of great merchandise.

  9. Hi Dawn..Your shop looks fantastic. I wish I had someone delivering me a truckload of antiques and vintage items. If you could e-mail me I would appreciate it, I would like a price on an item you have...thanks a bunch.(millstonemercantile)

  10. DROOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
    Everything looks wonderful!!
    Oh, how I wish I could come shop!!

  11. WHAT CAN I SAY EXCEPT I AM GREEN WITH JEALOUSY OF ALL YOUR WONDERFUL FINDS... The store looks picture perfect and I hope it gets all "messed" up Friday by the "Ladies" !!! My muscles ache just thinking of all the work you are doing!!!

  12. Your shop looks wonderful!!! I can't wait to see all the goodies in person. We've been talking about a time to come up to MI...thinking it will be in the summer, because we are heading to Tenn. in 3 weeks to take hubby's parents to see relatives.
    Have a great week.