Thursday, May 27, 2010


Good WARM evening prim pals! I can't believe how fast summer has moved into Michigan. We've had temps in the high 80's for the past few days and it even touched the low 90's one day. It is HOT! Thank goodness my hubby got the exhaust fan working in the shop - it was such a relief today. My "partner" Janie, from Zanie Janie's coffee shop traveled to Tennessee last night for a few days to see her grandchildren graduate and Sharon (our painting instructor and my daughter-in-law's mom) is filling in for her. We had fun setting outside today and watching the world go by and brainstorming. A few bigger pieces of furniture went today and that's always fun to rearrange and think about what is going to replace them. Got lots of ideas swirling around.
Thought I'd share a few new goodies we got in with you. Our spindle dolls are back and made a little different.
This one is Penny and her posies.
Lizzie and her crow love to go pick sunflowers.
Wouldn't these be cute on a covered porch?
These stitcheries are so much fun when they're done on old doors!
Got some new prim towels with pockets that hold wooden spoons and flax.
Sharon painted this old door I had in the shop. What a great chalkboard!

Another little chalkboard on an old door.
This is a great old sugar tin. What a fun place to keep your birdseed or dogfood!
Time to fill up the shop again with more antiques and handmades. The downtown Holly antique show is coming June 12 and it's such a fun day. The main street is blocked off and the antique vendors come to town. Mark your calendars and come join us!
We are also working on a new class schedule, so keep watching.
Guess it's time to say good-night. Hope all of you have a wonderful holiday weekend and remember to thank a veteran!
Until next time...

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  1. Cute spindle dolls - oh and I'm loving the towel with the many goodies Dawn...wish I was there!