Wednesday, May 19, 2010


WOW! What a fun day we had at the shop today! The morning started out with our "lunchbox planter" painting class (taught by Sharon Cerne) and everyone had a ball. Sharon even brought in fresh-baked muffins.
Kari (our jewelry artist) took the class and did a great job.
Missy was having fun too. We have our classes next door at the Zanie Janie's coffee shop and tomorrow night is our soldered jewelry class.
We also got some "new" antiques in the shop and I couldn't wait to share them with you. Great garden goodies for you gals that are getting everything ready for summer. This old sawbuck table with green paint might just turn into a potting bench.
Have you ever seen an edger with a mini mower attached?
Old sprayers look great hanging from your fence or on your potting bench.
Old ironing boards have so many uses. One of my customers uses them on her deck to serve drinks and buffets at her parties.
This one still has the old label attached.
I love these old dust pans with the handles.
Here's a real cutie. It's the wooden end of a crate, but would be a fun addition to any kitchen.
This old high chair has a metal liner on the tray...
...and Lucy thought it was just fine with her.
Lots of old, green shutters have found their way into the shop - you can never have enough shutters!
And wouldn't this old mailbox be adorable with a little plant peeking out the top?
AND THEN the car cruise came back to Holly. It will be here every Wednesday evening (unless there is rain) for the entire summer. Tonight there were over 100 cars.
The disc jockey played great oldies and handed out prizes all evening. Fun, fun, fun! Welcome back cruisers!
Well prim pals, it's been a VERY LONG day and I'm ready to watch Idol. Who's your favorite? Have a great day and we'll talk again tomorrow.
Until next time...


  1. Boy would I have liked to be at that painting class Dawn!

  2. LOL... I beg to differ! my husband says I have too many shutters!!
    I love all your new pieces! And it looks like everyone had a great time at the classes... I just wish I lived closer!

  3. Dawn,
    You live in the coolest town, there's always something going on. Love all of your new garden art. thanks for sharing.