Friday, April 8, 2011


What a fun night! After I closed the shop, I headed over to Sharon's house to go on a little adventure. When I got there, she and Jim had dinner all ready! Yummy fried chicken, potato salad, cantelope... It was delish! Then we headed to Earlene's house - - which was in the spring issue of 2010 of Country Sampler. I've always loved the pictures, but to see it in person well surpassed the pictures! Talk about PRIM PERFECT!!! Everywhere you looked was more eye candy than you can imagine. Her kitchen is adorable, I especially love the old dough box as her island.
At the other end of the kitchen is this wonderful walk-in pantry FILLED with antique goodies. There was a child-size table and chairs along with a little dry sink in there for her grandchildren. I'll bet they are in heaven when they come!
Her living room is outstanding! Love how she put these shutters in her bay window.
OHHH, and her new couch! Just beautiful!!! The material is fabulous and oh so cozy.

There were gorgeous displays everyplace you looked!
This end of her living room was the perfect spot to read, visit with a friend or just sit and listen to some beautiful music.
Oh my goodness, then there's the dining room - and the most beautiful cupboards. Wish you could see this mustard cupboard in person - it is beyond prim!
You just keep turning and around and it gets better and better.
I love breadboards and Earlene had the best collection - everywhere. Wish we would have had time to take more pictures, but you can visit her blog and see more and more. And then...
she took us to visit Old Mother Hubbard (Jane) and her little log cabin shop. More prim heaven! She had just done a show and a lot of things had been sold, but there were still great items to behold. All in all, it was the most fun evening. Almost too much stimulous for this brain to take in - you know when you get home and you can't shut down from thinking!! I can't wait to have a couple of days at home to putz and play. Thank you Earlene for a wonderful adventure.

Until next time...


  1. Oh ow!!!! Lucky you! Earlenes home is wonderful! I would love to see it in person! Thanks for the pics!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  2. Oh you lucky gal!! Earlene was in the spring 2009 issue with me - and I loved her feature!! Like most prim gals (Me included!) she has made so many changes since then and her home just gets more and more primtastic! I am so happy you got to see it in person!! WOOHOO!!!!!!!

  3. I always love to see pics of Earlene's home! Beautiful! I didn't know she had a blog and can't get the link to work? Thanks to you and Earlene for sharing more pictures!

  4. That's a great prim home!! Looks like a shop!! Thanks for sharing the pictures! XO Fran.