Saturday, April 30, 2011


Good Saturday evenin' my friends. What a relief to have had two days without rain!!! We were hoping to hit 70 degrees today, but it didn't even come close. Oh well, I'll take a dry day anyway. Some of you have been asking for a little tour of the shop, so I took LOTS of pictures yesterday to share with you. Grab your cup of coffee and come with me!

Carol came to help me on Thursday and we worked like crazy! We changed around the whole shop! (Thank you Carol!!!) When you walk in the front door, we have lots of new garden goodies to greet you. My favorite has to be the potting bench!

Need a sign for your garden or potting shed? We've got 'em and more coming!

There are garden stakes, tools, herb markers, painted tubs, bird baths...

To the right is a large assortment of red kitchey goodies for your summertime tables.

And next to that is an assortment of sweet little embroidered baby dresses and some things with a "lighter" touch.

The counter area is straight ahead and next to that is a "make-do" hall tree.

In front of the counter is becoming our patriotic area for the summer.

I'm crazy about the Black Crow candles and our new organic room fresheners, body scrubs and lotions.

Are you ready to put out some red, white and blue??? It's arriving like crazy. Did you see the tree??!!

We have a good supply of old watering cans, wooden boxes and handmades on hand.

Carol brought in the cutest little checkerboard table and folding chairs. They are so sweet and would look so cute on a porch. (The chair is coming home with me!!!)

This little burgandy step-back cupboard made a return trip from our booth and is sweet as can be. (By the way, the couch is coming home with me too!!!)

This mustard table is so much fun! Can you see the "dry goods" shelf to match?

This dear little Victorian, hired-hand's bed would be the best "day bed" or maybe a little bed for grandchildren. The dresser is grain-painted and in perfect condition. The little side table is a "butterfly table". You open up the leaves and turn the top for the leaves to stay up. I keep eyeing that one for "The Little House".

Oh my aching back!! Carol and I pushed and shoved until we got the old stove moved across the shop. I like it so much better here and it will be a great place to serve our treats on Ladie's Nite.

This little alcove is filled with lots of "pretties". As much as my heart is totally with dark prims, some customers still love the lighter and prettier things.

The old nesting box is FILLED with all kinds of kitchey gadgets, utinsels, wood shoe forms and more. A fun place to dig to see what you might find!

The fireplace found a new spot too. Wish I had room for this old black, make-do rocking chair. The back and seat are covered with an old feedsack.

There are still lots of stitcheries to choose from, reproduction candle molds and battery candles too.

My favorite of our garden signs is this big old tin lid. Couldn't you just see it on a garden fence?

The old sleigh is full of all things black and crow. Things get added on a regular basis.

I also wanted to share a couple cute dolls and their kitties.

Isn't this one just a hoot?

This little apron is so unusual that I had to take a picture. It was hand-painted in about 1952 on the front of the apron.

And don't forget that Mother's Day is a week from tomorrow. Don't these towels just say it all?

Well friends, I hope you hung in there with me and didn't get too bored. More treasures come into the shop on a really regular basis and I've love for you to come see for yourself! A lot of old familiar faces have been in this weekend and it's so much fun to see everyone after such a long, hard winter.

I hope you are all safe in your lovely homes, that you have a peaceful Sunday and stop to smell the roses - or whatever else is bloomin' in your neck of the woods.

Until next time...


  1. Dawn
    Love your shop. I wish I lived nearby. I could stay in there all day. What wonderful items you have.
    Country at heart

  2. Great pictures.. wish I was closer to come see it in person! Thanks for sharing.

  3. Less then two months until we move our family up that direction! So excited to visit the shop - though it may be after our twins arrive. :)

  4. Ok I am tired just thinking about all you did..everything looks GREAT!

  5. Dawn, Love all the pictures of your shop. I enlarged them and just sat and stared. Girl, if I ever get ANYWHERE near your area, I will drive a little and a little more just to visit. You might even have to stay open late to get me out of there. All your customers are so lucky to have your place to visit. Thanks for sharing. You have a great weekend.

  6. Thank you for the Shop Tour, love all of it. You have a nice diversity. I like how you cater to all types of primitive, from the lights to the dark's. My wish is that I lived closer, you all are talented artists.

  7. Hi Dawn, well I for one never get tired of looking at 'goodies' in anyone's shop.
    Carol was a huge help to you and it all looks just wonderful.
    I love all your different areas...very nice.


  8. Beautiful shop! I definately will have to pay you a visit with my friends. Thanks for the pics.