Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Good morning friends. I was SOOO excited last night. Dick finally hung my new shelf over the sink. I bought this shelf in Columbus at the markets in March and I've been patiently waiting (and waiting), but now it's up!!! I just love it and it matched the cupboard perfectly. I have another shelf to hang over our desk and he PROMISED to get it up for me this week too. HOORAY!!

As many of you know, after Dad had his stroke two years ago, we rented out our historic home and totally revamped my Mom's "walk-out" so we could be here to watch over her. This is our little kithen, but I love it. There is a chalkboard on the back of our island and Ellie did some beautiful artwork when she was here the last time. We used mostly antique cupboards, except for the wall where the sink is.

Had to share my favorite bunny - it is a Too Far Gone original that I've had for a few years.

Tulips are also blooming, another favorite I've had for a few years.

A couple weeks ago, Sharon and I went to visit Earlene and see her beautiful home. While we were there, she took us to visit Old Mother Hubbard's shop. Talk about prim!!! I was in heaven. I purchased this bunch of sunflowers that just stole my heart.

I'm working on some changes to our little home and will be sharing them soon.

Oh my word, is spring ever going to come to Michigan??? We had SNOW yesterday - again - but at least it didn't stick around. I have some friends that are going to help me do some new gardens and I'm so anxious to get my hands in the dirt!

Guess it's time to get a few more things done before I have to go babysit for Caroline. I'm taking my stitching with me to work on while she is napping. Got lots to get ready for our Ladies Nite Out!

Until next time...


  1. Love the pics Dawn! I have a few of the old graters in my kitchen too. Plus I use one of the round ones and place a candle inside. When lit it, the holes dance with light. Snow yesterday and freezing rain today...I think here in Michigan we should be celebrating Christmas again. LOL. Take care. Janice

  2. Dawn, I love the idea for the chalkboard on the island. Darbee Rae loves playing with chalk. Love the shelf especially the color. I have a similar one in bath upstairs but its black. Love the kitchen and all your prims and that rabbit, he is so different. He is precious. The very prim sunflowers look great hanging like that. I would want everything you have in your shop in my home. How do you decide what to decorate with? Have fun babysitting. I'm on my way to have lunch and spend time with Holly and Darbee Rae and then off to WMU at church this evening. Holly lives in town so if I have things to do during the day and the evening like today, I stay at her house to save on gas in the car. Wow , that stuff just keeps getting higher and higher. Have a great day.

  3. I loved seeing this pictures of your kitchen. Your new shelf looks great!

  4. Dawn,

    You talked about buying the shelf in Columbus at the Markets, where or what are the markets? My son lives in Westerville and I'm always looking for places to shop.

  5. Hi Dawn.
    The new shelf is gorgeous. Looks fabulous in your kitchen. We are also getting snow here in Ontario.
    Cold temperatures too.

  6. Great shelf! I guess we have to keep spring alive inside because it is cold and wet outside!

  7. Love your new shelf, the graters look real nice displayed on it, I collect them also. Those prim sunflowers are really neat, never seen any like them. I enjoyed seeing your displays. Vicky

  8. It's perfect there Dawn - but I am still ooohing and aaahing over Peyton! Oh what a precious blessing. So glad you got some time with him. Next time you snuggle him, can you bottle up that smell and feel and ship it to me? I miss it!!

    Looking forward to your changes!! HUGS!!

  9. Hi Dawn!
    Your shelf looks perfect where you hung it and great the way you displayed it! Your kitchen is very cozy and I noticed the wood floors too.
    I sure hope too Easter is nice cause kids have 96 plastic eggs to find LOL They always complain there is never enough so no complaing this year!
    I agree with Linda I really miss that baby smell too and all the kisses and snuggling.
    You have a wonderful Easter!
    Big Hug ~Earlene~