Wednesday, April 13, 2011


I'm lovin' these sunny spring days. Friend Carol came down to the shop today and planted beautiful pansies in our window box. What a wonderful addition.
It was warm enough to set out some goodies for sale and attract some customers.
Big old Mr. Bunny is standing and waiting to greet you when you arrive.
The village flower bed is starting to bloom and we are going to add sunflowers and more for the summer. Garden stakes will be out and about before our Ladies Nite Out.
What a great new piece arrived last night! This is a HEAVY child's stepback cupboard, but I could see it in a kitchen for a mommy instead. It is so adorable. Four doors and a drawer for storing some of your kitchen smalls.
Old parasols are popping up around the shop to ward off those April showers. Some are fancy with ivory handles,
some are a little worn and loved,
some are BIG and black,
some are old oriental,
some are wonderful old lace,
and some are HUGE, black and tan check and made out of paper. (My favorite.)

These old canvas boots are perfect for your garden decor, so different.
Who doesn't love an old, red wheelboro, especially filled with watering cans, geraniums and spring pillows.

I'd like to thank everyone for the comments about our new grandson, he is sure a cutie! Can't wait until he gets home and we can get more acquainted.

Well friends, enjoy the sunshine if you're getting some in your neck of the woods. We'll talk again real soon!

Until next time...


  1. Oh boy if I was there, I saw a fewe things that would come home with me!

    Congrats on your newest addition Dawn! Oh I am almost jealous! How WONDERFUL to have a new sweet grand to love and cherish. You know I am over the moon thrilled for you all. Can you package up some of that sweet newborn scent and shop it my way?? I miss that so!! Enjoy every moment!! Warm hugs!!

  2. Hi Dawn~love the child's step back!! Take care of that new addition!!!...aka spoil him ROTTEN!!!! Have a GREAT weekend and enjoy your warmer weather!

  3. Congrats on the new grand baby...grandchildren are so special and fun!! love all of the umbrellas...what a great way to display our April if we could just keep the snow away for our May flowers. LOL. Take care. Janice

  4. Just stoppping by busy with my Cape home and the back and forth between houses! The shop is looking amazing as always....just love that garden angel stake!