Saturday, April 2, 2011


Is there anything more precious than grandchildren? Well, maybe our children, but still... We are so blessed to have 7 little ones and another one on the way in about a week. Jack spent the night with us the other night and couldn't wait to have his turn to "go to work at the shop". He was a big helper turning on lights and putting everything outside. He especially loved going to Zanie Janie's to get his hot chocolate!
When his mommy came to pick him up, our other daughter showed up too, so we have 5 out of 7 there to visit. Ellie, Abbey, Lucy and Caroline all love each other so much. The two little ones are only 6 months apart and they are pretty fascinated right now.
What a face Miss Lucy! She kept touching Caroline and saying, "Oh Baby."
Caroline says, "I yuv yucy!"
Ashley had two of their baby rabbits with her after taking them to Abbey's school. Isn't this guy adorable? His name is Hot Shot. Abbey is now in 4-H and they are showing them at local rabbit shows.
How's this for some red hair??? I had faith that I'd get a red-headed grandchild one of these days - and FINALLY! Our Lucy is such a ham and so much darn fun.

Yesterday was a LONG day!!! I went to Ashley's house early in the morning and they loaded poor Abbey up to take her in to get her tonsils out. Lucy and I played and played and had so much fun. Abbey was only at the hospital for 2 hours and 20 minutes total!!! The poor little sweetheart was sure hurting when she got home though. After seeing our Abbey for a bit, I went on in to the shop. (Thank you for filling in Sharon!)

As the afternoon progressed, I got a phone call that our oldest grandson, Gannon, had been hit by a car while on his skateboard! Talk about panic!!! The car hit him and threw him into a driveway and mangled his skateboard - THEN TOOK OFF!!! Now mind you, they live in a beautiful neighborhood with only two dead-end streets. Who would do such a thing?? His dad came home from work to stay with the little ones and Amanda took him into ER. We went to meet them at the hospital and found out that "maybe" he tore some cartilege in his leg. They put a velcro immobilizer on his leg and sent him home with some crutches. Thank God it wasn't worse! He will be with us for a few days as his family had previous plans to go to TN. I think we are going to take it very easy for the weekend - maybe even take him up to the Little House - and we'll probably see a few movies. All other plans are put on hold until we see how he is doing. I'm just so thankful that it wasn't worse.

Well friends, that's about all the excitement I can stand right now. Time to get ready to open the shop and have some fun with my customers. Have a great day and we'll talk again real soon.

Until next time...


  1. Talk about excitement. Sending good thoughts for you and the family. And yes, a bit of R & R is in store for all.

  2. Wow. So glad he is okay! Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Oh, Dawn, I'm so sorry about Gannon but so glad he wasn't hurt worse. try and have a relaxing weekend.

  4. Hi, Just found your blog and see that we have some things in common. I have 5 grown kids, 14 wonderful grandkids and 1 beautiful Great Grandson 4 1/2 months old. LOve being a grammy, its one of our greatest rewards in life. Have a Prim shop from my home. Opened last Fall. So sorry to hear about your grandson`s accident. Glad he`s o.k. Enjoy those grandkids they grow up way too fast!

  5. Oh... so glad he's o.k.! WIth my two boys and my husband in bad car accidents I can imagine your panic! You deserve an easy weekend!
    Take care,

  6. Hugs from the little ones are the best hugs. I am a Grandma of 10 and these are the best years ever. We are so Blessed to be called Grandma...

  7. Dawn your grandkids pictures are so sweet. Your very blessed!
    Your grandson is in our prayers and I hope the find who it was. Did he recognize the vehicle?
    Keep us posted.
    See you Tuesday night....or Thursday.
    Big Hug

  8. Dawn~ so glad to know that Gannon was not hurt any worse!!!!! That @#%* for driving off, don't you just NOT LIKE some people!!!!? The babies are so cute...I will always miss being a Grandma, but it was just not suppose to be. Have a very relaxing weekend my friend, and call me when you get a chance. Much love to you and your family!!!!

  9. Oh my gosh! I am so glad that Gannon is okay! What kind of person would leave the scene after hitting someone??? I'm so glad he's okay and that he has you to look after him!

    All the kiddos are adorable.

  10. Oh Dawn my heart sank reading this!! I am so glad Gannon wasn't hurt more seriously but still- we don't want them hurt at all! I am glad to read he can use the crutches for something besides walking now!! Sending you lots of hugs - I am sure you still can't stand the thought of someone doing that to your hadnsome grandson! (((((((((((DAWN))))))