Friday, April 15, 2011


The innocence of a child is the most beautiful thing. Our Ellie (5 years old) spent the night last night and couldn't wait to go "work" at the shop with me today. On the way to work we stopped at daughter Ashley's so she could see the new bunnies (Holland Lops). Can you tell she loved this one?
The highlight was seeing the two new babies that are about a week old. They don't have their eyes open yet, but their fur is starting to come in. Our Abbey is showing rabbits now and has joined 4-H.
We had to stop at the donut shop on the way to Ashley's and Lucy sure loved that longjohn!
Every time one of the grandchildren come to work with me, they can't wait to go visit Zanie Janie (next door) and have some of her hot chocolate. Mr. Joe was there today and they all love him too, especially when he plays games with them. We all had fun today, we ordered KFC for lunch and made a party out of the whole day. Ellie worked really hard for me turning on lights and watering flowers out front. She was so excited with her $2.00 paycheck!

Tonight our Abbey is spending the night and I think tomorrow night Gannon is coming. Now that we have 8 grandchildren, there won't be enough nights a week!!!

The weatherman says that we might get rain/snow tomorrow - YUK! Hope it doesn't put a damper on the Easter Bunny that is coming to town and the egg hunt. Janie and I both have our candy ready to pass out to the kids when they come to town.

I'm ready for a couple of days off to "play" around the house. I have a couple new shelves that need to be hung and do some rearranging. Then, of course, there is always sewing waiting to be done.

Don't forget, I have a sale going through the weekend. I need to make room for all of the new goodies that we are getting ready to put out.

Hope you all have a great weekend and we'll talk again soon.

Until next time...


  1. sounds like a busy saturday in the works.Enjoy!!! Denise

  2. Aren't grandchildren the best. I only have one grandson who just has taken over my heart. Wishing you a wonderful weekend.

  3. Enjoy your weekend off!! Those baby bunnies are just too cute & of course the grands are adorable too!


  4. Good morning Dawn!

    Two very precious babies in that first photo (and the others as well).
    I'm so glad to see Mr. Joe is still visiting her shop - such memories for your grandchildren.

    Enjoy your weekend.
    Rainy here too - and predicted had better stay away!

  5. Dawn, the memories you are making with those sweet grandchildren will be with them after we are long gone. So sweet of you. Don't you just love it when they are with you? But EIGHT, wow I can't imagine. Love the little one eating his pastry. Zanie Janie's Looks like a neat little shop. I would have to visit there too, If I could ever get to your place. Mr. Joe looks like such a sweet old gentleman. Who wouldn't enjoy playing a game and talking with him? Bet it does his heart good also. So sorry Spring is so slow arriving . We are warm and sunny and with those days, come storms and warnings. Again last night and into wee hours of the morning warnings were going off. We were blessed and no damange, except more grey hair for me, They scare me to death. Have a wonderful weekend

  6. Dawn, such sweet pictures and memories. The grands will never forget all of the wonderful times they spend with you and Dick. Have a wonderful weekend. It's rainy and dreary up north too.

  7. How fortunate are you to have eight wonderful grandchildren and how lucky are they to have such doting grandparents. Thank you for sharing the photo of the baby bunnies, can you believe I have never see a baby rabbit, it was love at first sight! Have a great weekend.