Tuesday, January 22, 2013


WINTER IS OFFICIALLY HERE! The temp was 2 degrees this morning and the windchill was 15 below. So many schools are closed and I'm so happy that today is my day to sew at home. I've got the coffee pot on - so if anyone wants to come help, feel free! Candles are lit and the music is softly playing in the background. Nothing better than a jammie day at home.
I'm crazy about the 1803 Woodstove Pie candles! The scent is fabulous.
I wanted to share this collection of arrowheads found on my great grandfather's farm years ago. I'm so thrilled that they were saved. Just imagine...
I picked up another little doll bust on our travels this week to add to my collection. My favorite is still the bottle doll made by The Funky Tennessee Artist!
Got a little bored, so out came a few bunnies. This "Too Far Gone" bunny is right up there with my favorites.
Might be a tie with "The Funky Tennessee Artist" doll bunny though.
I got this tiny bunny years ago in Bay City when "Hen In The Holly" was still there.
Any this bigger guy came from a show years ago with "Pig In The Poke". Seems so strange that Easter is in March this year. Decided I wanted awhile to enjoy them. Anybody else getting any bunnies out yet? Well, time to paint frames for stitcheries and to get sewing. Have a cozy day and STAY WARM! Until next time...


  1. I am ready to get bunnies and Spring things out..maybe just looking at them will make me feel warm...it is a cold one today! Dawn, I Hope you are staying warm today.
    Hugs, Patti

  2. I just put some more snowmen on my Northern Pine Tree, I figured it Winter is here I might as well embrace it. I am looking forward to putting my Spring goodies out, though. Stay warm...K

  3. Sounds like a perfect way to spend a cold Winter day....oh I would love one of those candles, sounds like it would smell so good, we have no great candles like that.......Love your prim bunnies, I have none out yet, soon, Easter is ea rly this year.....oh Dawn, so cold here, tonight going down to -41 with the windchill....brrrrrr....Keep Cozy, Francine.

  4. Those are so neat. Have not heard of those candles. Hunker down and stay warm. When its cold I want to eat all the time. I was ready to come up when you said the coffe was on, then I read on "to help". Then I pulled back into the driveway.lol

  5. Good evening Dawn, Easter is in March? Guess I had better check my calender! Glad you were able to spend a quiet day at home, sounds nice and cozy. Love your collections, but especially the arrow heads, what wonderful items to keep in the family. The shop looks amazing, someday I am to see it in person. Greetings from Maine, Julie.